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Fall in the Kitchen

I haven’t done much on the kitchen table for a while, so today I decided to do a simple fall setting for us. My kitchen table is small, perfect for the 2 of us; it just doesn’t have much room for … Continue reading

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Autumn Reflections

Over 3 months since a post…where have I been? I actually do have a lot of news, but I am not sure that I will get to all of it today. However, I will try to hit a few highlights. … Continue reading

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Happy Easter and Deep Thoughts

Where have I been for 17 days…perhaps the longest that my blog has been silent? Well, life happens…traveling, working, volunteering…but none of those have ever stopped me from blogging for this long. I wish I had a pat answer for … Continue reading

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The Pioneer Woman, Some Chefs, and a Road Block

I’m sure I’m not the only tablescaper out there who sometimes gets stuck and just cannot think of a way to do a table. That happened to me yesterday. I wanted to use my colorful Pioneer Woman plates and went through … Continue reading

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Pioneer Woman and other Random Stuff

I have mentioned several times that I love the new line from Pioneer Woman at Wal Mart. I purchased a few items when they first came out, then I quit purchasing and asked for some things for Christmas. I love … Continue reading

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New Year’s Tasks, The Pioneer Woman, and Wal Mart Beauty

So it’s another year…2016 has officially begun. It seems like 2015 just sped by; wasn’t it just yesterday that I was blogging about the new year? As long as I’m talking about time passing by, I’ll go ahead and ‘fess … Continue reading

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A Family Christmas

I finally have at least a little time to post about our Christmas get together. We met at my house the weekend before Christmas, and everyone was able to make it. We all share in the preparation of the meal, … Continue reading

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Simple Christmas Breakfast and More Catching Up

Because my extended family got together the weekend before Christmas, our Christmas weekend is kind of quiet. We visited David’s parents on Christmas Day. We had a nice visit and David’s mom had an amazing meal fixed for us. David’s … Continue reading

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Living Room, Dining Room Christmas Decor

I have spent the last few days working on making the house look in the holiday spirit, and I am exhausted! If you read my blog, you know that I have a lot of Christmas dishes and I like to … Continue reading

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Christmas Table, Giving Back, Bargains, a Getaway, and The Pioneer Woman

Wow! I have a lot of catching up to do. This post will be long, so just skim on down to the tablescape if that’s all you’re here for. The last two weeks have been filled with company, traveling, and … Continue reading

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