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Ya Know How to Whistle?

I was saddened to hear of Lauren Bacall’s death. A classic American beauty, she is probably most remembered for that husky voice, “You know how to whistle?….Put your lips together and blow….” Lauren Bacall’s famous line came from the movie … Continue reading

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Wedding China, circa 1979

Click here for Mood Music! (then minimize while you read) I posted about my wedding china a couple of years ago, also in answer to a Cuisine Kathleen Challenge. When I read today’s challenge, do a tablescape with wedding china, … Continue reading

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The Antiques Roadshow

Finally, we have been to The Antiques Roadshow and we are home at last! To go ahead and satisfy your curiosity, we did not get on tv, but we had a great time and would do it all over again with … Continue reading

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The Bible on The History Channel Part 3 [Warning: Spoiler Alert]

Part 3 of The Bible continued in the Old Testament with Daniel, Jeremiah, and King Nebuchadnezzar. There seemed to be a good bit more narration in this episode than in the previous one. Of course, it was needed since the … Continue reading

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The Bible on The History Channel Part 2 {Warning: Spoiler Alert}

For my review of Part 1, click here. Part 2 of The Bible, like Part 1, also included some good special effects, great acting, and, unfortunately, more adaptations that were a little disappointing. Part 2 began with the story of … Continue reading

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The Bible on The History Channel [Warning: Spoiler Alert]

If you read this blog much, you know that I am currently watching The Worst Cooks in America on Food Network. Therefore, I had to dvr The Bible on The History Channel(yes, DVR is a verb in my world), and … Continue reading

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Old Tablescape and New Addiction

I wrote last week about finding my old photo archives from before blogging, and I have another of those tables to show you today. First, I want to admit my faults, and one of them is watching too much tv. … Continue reading

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The Friendly Village plus a Scare

My dining room is still full of art, and I finally finished posting all of my salt and pepper shaker collection. Yep, that was all of them! Unless I purchase more in the future, of course; there is always a … Continue reading

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More Salt & More Savings

To continue showing you my salt and pepper shakers, these are from a tub containing characters, objects, fruits & vegetables, and a few other random sets. These sets are fun. I bought the Snow White and Sorcerer’s Apprentice sets in … Continue reading

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Spring Table plus Saving $$

The last few weeks have been really busy for me. With activities at church, our “redneck picking” expedition, tracing down artwork appraisals, keeping up with the booth at the flea market, and countless other things going on in my life, … Continue reading

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