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Fall in the Kitchen

I haven’t done much on the kitchen table for a while, so today I decided to do a simple fall setting for us. My kitchen table is small, perfect for the 2 of us; it just doesn’t have much room for … Continue reading

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Autumn Reflections

Over 3 months since a post…where have I been? I actually do have a lot of news, but I am not sure that I will get to all of it today. However, I will try to hit a few highlights. … Continue reading

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I’m Baaaack…with The Pioneer Woman

A few months ago, I wrote that I was not sure how I felt about continuing my blog and decided to take a break for a while. Actually, the “break” ended up being a good bit longer than I had … Continue reading

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Happy Easter and Deep Thoughts

Where have I been for 17 days…perhaps the longest that my blog has been silent? Well, life happens…traveling, working, volunteering…but none of those have ever stopped me from blogging for this long. I wish I had a pat answer for … Continue reading

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The Pioneer Woman, Some Chefs, and a Road Block

I’m sure I’m not the only tablescaper out there who sometimes gets stuck and just cannot think of a way to do a table. That happened to me yesterday. I wanted to use my colorful Pioneer Woman plates and went through … Continue reading

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Shades of Pink and a Project

For my Valentine’s table, I decided to do red in the kitchen and pink in the dining room. For my small kitchen table, I began with red placemats and my Pioneer Woman off white dinner plates…I believe she calls them … Continue reading

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Cool Blue

Those who have read my blog for a while know that I love blue and white, but I tend to do those tables more in the winter. I’m not sure why, but blue, white, and touches of silver just scream … Continue reading

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Favorites, Old & New; New Year’s Goals

One of the things that I have not yet mentioned about the New Year is my annual report from WordPress. One of the things that I was totally aware of is that I have not published as many blog posts … Continue reading

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Simple Thanksgiving Table

I have a very busy couple of weeks coming up and decided to take a few minutes today to do a simple table for Thanksgiving. I was putting some things away in my napkin drawer a few days ago and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Table and Marketplace Update

I mentioned in some of my previous posts that my husband and I decided to be vendors at our town’s annual Beehive Marketplace. It is a venue that is set up inside our cultural center each year to mark the … Continue reading

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