The Pioneer Woman, Some Chefs, and a Road Block


I’m sure I’m not the only tablescaper out there who sometimes gets stuck and just cannot think of a way to do a table. That happened to me yesterday. I wanted to use my colorful Pioneer Woman plates and went through all kinds of tables in my brain, but I just seemed to hit a block every time.


Finally I settled on this floral table runner and matching placemats.


I knew that this would not be “matchy-matchy,” but was hoping for some contrast.


I know it looks a little weird in the photo, but it really is not all that off the wall. Adding black San Remo flatware and a purple napkin helped to ground the place setting and I ended up liking the color on top of color.


I used purple goblets, of course. I do have couple of red choices in my collection but they are darker that the bright orange-red of the plate rim, so purple it is.


The next block occurred at the centerpiece. I got my wooden votive holder out. I love this holder that my son made for me a number of years ago and don’t remember to use it often enough.


Stuck again, I went with more Pioneer Woman. These accessory pieces that I chose, like this creamer and sugar, are also bright and colorful to add to the color on the table.


This small pitcher is supposed to be a measuring cup. However, there are no measuring marks on the inside of it, so I just use it as a small pitcher.


Although I liked the final product, I was not crazy about it. I’ve done better tables and I’ve certainly used my Pioneer Woman products in better ways.


Luckily, I recently read that she is now coming out with table linens, so maybe it will be a little easier for me to come up with tables once that happens.


I was so dissatisfied with the table that I started disassembling it almost as soon as I had photographed it. I had another idea that I wanted to get started on while I had time. I started with Dollar General placemats and red Wal Mart plates.


You may remember that I purchased a mismatched set of chef plates at my flea market quite some time ago. A few days ago I noticed some more of the smaller chef plates at a different booth, so I grabbed them.


I now have 6 of the small plates that are labeled Tabletops Lifestyles.


I love the cheerful chefs on these plates and that I now have enough to do a different chef at each place setting.


They are really cute and the red plate underneath is perfect with the chef plate.


I decided on the matching napkins, but what napkin ring to use? I was stumped until I remembered these chairs. OK, they do look more like ice cream parlor chairs than pizza parlor chairs, but use your imagination! These could totally be in a pizza parlor!


Large red goblets and San Remo flatware finish off the place setting.


For the centerpiece, I was really not satisfied with any of the runners that I have. Why not use a platter rather than a runner? Hey, it works for me!


You may remember that my whole chef table craze started with these cute chef accessories that I picked up at Family Dollar. I like the chef votive holder sitting on the platter.


However, I wanted to be a little more creative than that, so I decided to use a “bouquet” of cooking tools as the centerpiece…they seem to go with the chef theme. I literally just moved my kitchen tools from the pitcher where I normally keep them to the Pioneer Woman one and centered it on the platter.


I flanked the pitcher with my Family Dollar chef accessories. This chubby little guy actually holds a pot scrubber, although I just use him for décor.


I moved the votive holder to the other side.


I really like my finished table!


I like it so much that I’m sure I would have never even done the Pioneer Woman one had I thought of this one first. I also liked it so much that I decided to do a corresponding chef theme in the kitchen.


Remember, I still have the larger chef plates from my original purchase, and I only have 2 of them, so they are perfect for the kitchen. I was hunting for my solid red placemats when I remembered that these chef plates are accented with grapes, so I chose my grape placemats.


Going with the grape theme, I used my purple napkins. What napkin rings to use? I chose these twisted black metal ones because they are sort of reminiscent of a grapevine (OK, not really, but use your imagination!).


Everyday Chateau flatware finished off the setting.


What stemware to use? Obviously, the purple goblets. But I had mind my vintage ruby red glasses, so I put them together on the placemat and decided that they didn’t look too bad together.


I even think that they look pretty good together and, of course, I had to use grape-themed charms on the wine glasses.


I love these cute little charms!


I borrowed the chef votive from the dining table and flanked him with red and white votives. Cute, right?


I replaced him with the chef candy dish.


Love my simple kitchen table with its “cheffy” theme!


As a matter of fact, I was really pleased with both of these chef tables. That being said, the next piece of info may surprise you.


As much as I like these plates and these table, I have decided to let them go. If you clicked on my links to other tables with these chefs, you saw that I have only used the plates one other time and the accessories twice.


I really don’t see myself using them any more than that. You also know that I have a “something in, something out” rule when it comes to tablescaping items. I had actually only purged one set of 4 plates when I received the Pioneer Woman items at Christmas, so I was overdue in letting something else go. I will keep the salt and pepper shakers, obviously, but the other chef accessories and the chef plates can go bye-bye.


It will actually be a while before I put them out at the flea market since my booth is full right now, so I will pack them up and have them ready to sell when I get room. I will happily sell these outright to any reader who is interested. Because I do not have an Etsy shop at this point, I will have to sell them via email, snail mail, and money order or cashiers check. I will list the 8 plates (6 Tabletop Unlimited chef plates [2 have chips] and 2 larger chef plates, unmarked) as one lot and the 3 chef accessories (votive holder, candy dish, and scrubber holder) as one lot.  I will give a discount for purchasing all of them. You can email me for prices as well as your zip code so that I can figure shipping costs.

Image result for road block clip art free

Sometimes it takes being blocked to gain creativity and get unblocked once more! Have a great week!

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I am a retired teacher who has only recently taken up tablescaping and blogging. For more information, see my About Bev link.
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6 Responses to The Pioneer Woman, Some Chefs, and a Road Block

  1. lulu says:

    Your creative process is quite entertaining. Whenever I get blocked I go shopping, not to buy anything but just to get ideas.

  2. Bev, I think we all get road-blocked in the creative process, sometimes! I will walk away for a little while, and then come back to it with fresh ideas!

  3. Vicky Hunt says:

    Both table are cute! I have been cleaning out closets and cabinets and purging like crazy lately! I have a ton of stuff going to consignment and I donated some as well. It feels good to let go of stuff and have everything so clean and organized! Hope you are doing well and have a great week!

  4. What cute plates! And a lovely setting! Thanks for adding this to From The Farm…it’s one of this week’s favorites. Hope to see you again soon!

  5. Sherry says:

    Bev, I love the table runner and place mats you used with the PW dishes! Perfect together! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  6. Kathleen says:

    Oh, I love your dishes, both sets. I keep seeing the Pioneer Woman dishes and thinking I’d love to have some. We’re getting ready to move though, so that isn’t likely to happen any time soon. Thanks for linking up to Tips and Tricks. Hope to see you again this week.

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