Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!


I’m a little later than usual with a Mardi Gras table, but I was waiting for some things that I had ordered to come in. More on that in a bit. Quick Quiz: When does the season of Mardi Gras begin? Epiphany, January 6


I used the only china I have that will go with Mardi Gras colors: Thomas Kinkade Spode. I love the soft green, lavender, and smoky plum colors in this china. Quick Quiz: What are the colors of Mardi Gras and what does each represent? Purple: Justice, Green: Faith, Gold: Power.


Gold chargers are also a must with Mardi Gras colors, and I layered with the small plates in this pattern. I found these dishes on eBay a long time ago, and I never get tired of them. Quick Quiz: What is the English translation of the words Mardi Gras? Fat Tuesday.


Of course, I had to use my purple napkins, and I found my Dollar Tree beads from last year. Wound casually around the napkin, they make a great napkin ring. Quick Quiz: What is another name for Fat Tuesday? Shrove Tuesday, the word shrove derived from the word confess. The Lenten season is meant to be a time when Christians confess sins and ask forgiveness.


I have mentioned in the last couple of posts that I found a great website called shopmissa. Everything on this site is $1, and when I saw the Mardi Gras masks, I knew that I had to have them for this table. My order came in yesterday, and I am thrilled with how great these masks look for only $1. Have you tried this site yet? It is really great. Quick Quiz: When is Fat Tuesday? It is always on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.100_0997

For stemware, I chose the only ones that I have in Mardi Gras colors. I like the way the purple and green goblets work together on this table. Quick Quiz: For Christians, what should they do during the season of Lent? Christians should spend extra time in prayer and fasting during Lent to remember the gift of Jesus Christ and his time in the wilderness. They often give up some sort of vice and/or take on something that they may not normally do.


My Christmas wine glass charms have the 3 Mardi Gras colors in them, so they were perfect for this table. I had to use one blue one, but that is fine since some of the mask feathers are blue. Quick Quiz: What is Ash Wednesday? It is the beginning of the season of Lent.


San Remo flatware finished off the setting. I love this festive look! Quick Quiz: Why is the day called Ash Wednesday? During Ash Wednesday services, the minister will lightly rub the sign of the cross on a person’s forehead with ashes.


For the centerpiece, I started with a feather boa, also from Dollar Tree. I actually think that I found it in the St. Patrick’s Day aisle. I purchased this candle at an after Christmas clearance sale several years ago, and it has a place of honor at all of my Mardi Gras tables. I think it fits Mardi Gras so much better than Christmas! Quick Quiz: What are the ashes made from? The burned palm leaves from the previous year’s Palm Sunday celebration.


You see my marker board in the top pic, so I won’t repeat that one. My other Mardi Gras mask is nestled into the boa. Quick Quiz: How long is the Lenten season? It is 46 days long, the forty days of Lent plus the six Sundays.


I like the bold, festive look of the centerpiece. Quick Quiz: When does Lent end? The sparse and fasting time of Lent ends with feasts on Easter Sunday.


I threw the extra beads around for some color, and I was done! Quick Quiz: Why is Lent forty days long? It symbolized the forty days that Jesus spent in the wilderness in prayer and fasting before beginning his ministry.


WordPress is driving me crazy with the new posting format. I can’t figure out how to spell check yet. I finally did figure out why my pics are posting so large. Quick Quiz: In Brazil, Mardi Gras is called Carnival. What does the word Carnival mean? Farewell to meat. Many Christians choose to abstain from eating meat on the Fridays of the Lenten season.


However, now that I have done it, I think I kind of like the large photos. It seems that the detail shows up a little better. What do you like? Chime in and let me know. Quick Quiz: Why is the sweet roll eaten during Mardi Gras called the King’s Cake? The time of gluttony and feasting preceding Lent begins on Epiphany, also called Three King’s Day. It is the day the Christians historically celebrate the gifts brought to the baby Jesus by the Wise Men.


I haven’t figured how to add or delete tags and categories yet either. Quick Quiz: Why is the King’s Cake round? It symbolized the circular route taken by the three kings as they went in search of Jesus. They were trying to confuse Herod and foil his plot to kill the new baby.


What’s most frustrating, however, is that I can’t get to the media library except by way of a blog post. Does anyone know how to do that? I am so tired of trying to find it that I could either scream or cry, not sure which. Quick Quiz: Why is a token such as a baby, bean, or coin baked in the King’s Cake? The baby symbolizes the Baby Jesus. The kings journeyed a great distance to worship him. Some say that the person who finds the baby, bean, or coin is the king or queen of Mardi Gras. Some say that finding the token is a sign of good luck throughout the year.


If anyone can give me any insight, please do. Until then, Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

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I am a retired teacher who has only recently taken up tablescaping and blogging. For more information, see my About Bev link.
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8 Responses to Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

  1. Chris K in Wisconsin says:

    I feel like the picture size now shows off your tablescapes much better than the previous smaller pictures did. They do not seem so dark, and the color seems so much more vivid in the enlarged size. I say “yay” to keeping this “new” size.
    I am not a blogger, so can’t help you with your tech issues.
    The Quick Quiz info was fun, also!! Thanks!!

  2. Sandy Park says:

    I also like the large pictures. Helps these ole eyes see the details a lot better. Thanks for the Mardi Gras story lesson. Being Catholic I actually knew the answers, except for the King’s cake stuff. Didn’t know any of that. Keep the faith and let the good times roll.

  3. Sandy Park says:

    Bummer! I couldn’t Pin any of these wonderful pictures! Sad face.

  4. I love large pics. To me it makes a world of difference.Your tablescape is creative and pretty as well as informative. I love your china. Very classy. Thanks for sharing a great source for inexpensive Mardi Gras decor that is nice.
    Sorry, I don’t use Word Press so I can’t help with questions. Good luck. I still have tons of questions using Blogger. Sometimes you can google or check utube videos for answers.

  5. lulu says:

    Mardi Gras is one of those times that passes me by so I thoroughly enjoy seeing how others prepare for it.

  6. Sandra Garth says:

    Yes to the new size and very pretty table!

  7. jeanniemaries says:

    How fun and festive! There is something so rich and wonderful about it! Love it!

  8. Sherry says:

    So festive an fun for Mardi Gras!

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