Thanksgiving Table, This-N-That


Because of so much I’ve had going on lately, I am late getting my panning challenge post up. I’m also late putting up the Halloween décor, doing house and yard work, setting a new table, and doing about everything else you can imagine. My stress level is through the roof, but since tablescaping and blogging are things that I love and relax me, I decided to take a few minutes and do those things!


I started with my fall leaf placemats. Love me some Dollar General!


My cream Mikasa dinner plates are the base of the plate stack.


For the next layer, I used my vintage Fire King Laurel Leaf plates…the color is perfect for autumn.


I love these Thanksgiving plates! I got two of them at Cracker Barrel years ago and later found 2 more on eBay. Love me some ebay!


To continue the color scheme of autumnal hues, I chose my gold Bed, Bath, & Beyond napkins. Bronze colored turkey napkin rings are perfect for this table. I use my everyday Chateau flatware.


I love these amber goblets, a gift from my son and his wife when I first began tablescaping. However, you don’t see me use them much because I actually broke one and most of my tables are for 4. I pulled them out today because I only needed 2 of them and the color is perfect for this table. I have looked high and low at flea markets, yard sales, and eBay for another goblet…so far, no luck. I am hoping that I will find one eventually.


Of course, harvest wine charms come out for these glasses. Gotta have a turkey to carry out the Thanksgiving theme.


Of course, a fall leaf is also needed to carry out the autumn theme.


I think that everyone needs his own set of pilgrim salt and pepper shakers at his plate. These were a recent find at my flea market and I love them!


Of course, another possibility is to have both a pilgrim and an Indian…or turkeys dressed as such.


I kept my vignette simple with Dollar Tree autumn leaf votive holders. Love these and they are so useful for décor at this time of the year. Love me some Dollar Tree!


Love my final look and I think it really celebrates the season! The rest of my post deals with beauty products, so stop now if you’re here for the tablescape.


Last month I set using up my Mally blush as one of my goals, and I met that. I loved this blush; it was a pretty pink color that I like with my fair skin. Truthfully, I thought that it was a little expensive (around $18) and I like my cheaper L’Oreal blushes just as well. I will not repurchase. Grade: B


I also planned to use up my Sand & Sable fragrance and did. I did use a good bit more of my White Diamonds also, just totally forgot to photograph it.

Image result for makeup removal free clipart

I used up completely all the rest of my makeup removal wipes, but did not photograph for the reason that I realized after last month’s photo that you really couldn’t tell much from the pic. Take my word for it; they are gone. As for how they performed, I liked them and each brand that I tried (Elf, Neutrogena, Burt’s Bees, Wet N Wild) worked well. Frankly, however, I just don’t see the point. My facial cleanser works well and I can also use it to remove eye makeup. Other than for traveling convenience, I just don’t see the use of these if you have a good cleanser. Grade for all brands (did not see a difference in one over the other): A…but will not repurchase for the previously stated reasons.


Another goal I had to was to hit pan in my Mally powder, and I finally did. This compact holds a large amount of product (11 grams), and it has taken forever for the pan to show through.


I also promised to put big dents in my L’Oreal lip glass and Vaseline lip therapy balm. When the tubes are opaque, it is really hard to tell as the product is being used. You will just have to take my word for it. I had also planned to put a dent in my Revlon lipstick, but I did not meet that goal; therefore, I did not bother photographing it.

Image result for lip gloss free clipart

I don’t feel bad about not meeting that goal for this reason. I ended up loving the color of the L’Oreal Color Riche le Gloss (152, Nude Touch) so much that I used it almost every day. I actually have a love-hate relationship with that lip gloss. The color is a perfect mauve-y pink, one of my favorite lipstick shades to wear. But the formulation leaves a lot to be desired. It is kind of sticky and tends to slip off the lips pretty easily. Therefore, as much as I enjoyed this color, I will not repurchase this product. Grade: C


My Wal Mart beauty box also arrived a couple of weeks ago. I love this travel size hair spray, something I always need. The travel size Dove body wash is also nice, although I’m sure I would never actually purchase this mandarin orange scent. It was a little too different for me. But I love Dove body washes in other scents, so I am still a fan.


Why, why, why does black mascara always come in kits like these? Do companies never recognize the fact that there are blue-eyed blondes out there who wear BROWN mascara? I can’t even count how many makeup kits I have not purchased because the mascara in them is black. Those companies have missed some of my money over the years. As for the mouthwash…it’s mouthwash. Not my favorite brand, but I’ll use it and not let it go to waste.


The sample of Jennifer Aniston fragrance was so-so (I expected so much more from Rachel), and the L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Drops were fine.

Image result for elmer's school paste free clipart

Now let’s talk about the L’Oreal Miracle Blur. Do ya’ll remember Elmer’s School Paste that came in the jar with a screw-on top and the rectangular applicator that was stuck through the cap? I could not find a photo of it on google images, but take my word for it, that was some thick stuff!

Image result for elmer's school paste retro photo

The applicator probably wasn’t even necessary, if I remember right. Anyway, when I squeezed the product out of the packet, the texture of the Miracle Blur was EXACTLY LIKE THE RETRO ELMER’S PASTE THAT I USED IN THE 1960S!! Gross!

Image result for miracle blur

Well, I had come this far…might as well use it. Because of that thick texture ( go ahead and get the words “creamy” and “smooth” out of your mind), it was kind of hard to spread on the face. But I persevered and smoothed it evenly over my skin.

Image result for miracle blur

You’re not going to believe it, but it was a MIRACLE! Almost all of my fine lines and wrinkles were gone…well, not gone exactly…just sort of…what is the word I’m hunting for…hmmm…got it! They were a BLUR! (I pulled this photo from google images and you can’t tell much.)

Image result for elmer's paste discontinued

I bet if they still made that Elmer’s school paste, I could use it a whole lot cheaper than the Miracle Blur.

Image result for miracle blur

Even though I can attest to the fact that the Miracle Blur works like a miracle, I won’t purchase it. For now, I am embracing my wrinkles and they don’t bother me enough to spend even more $ on yet another skin care product. However, if disguising your wrinkles is important to you and you don’t want plastic surgery, purchase the Miracle Blur.


I tossed the Crest 3D white sample (I’m particular to my brand of toothpaste) as well as the RoC coupon. I have no desire to use either one.


I am always glad to get sample-sized lotion for my purse, and the Amlactin is perfect for that. I will use the Aveeno moisturizer sample when I travel.


Overall, it was a nice box. Because of the eyelid irritation that I discussed in my last post, I am suspending my panning  and palette challenges. Because I have now panned a number of products that are not eye shadow, most of the products that I now need to pan are eye shadows. Since I won’t be using them very much, there is really no need to pan at the present time. As for my eyelid rash, going without eye makeup has worked. Last week I did not wear any eyeshadow at all beginning on Monday. I also used my Neutrogena hand cream on the eyelid every night and morning. By Wednesday, my eyelid was free of irritation and I wanted to wear eye shadow so badly!

Image result for eyeshadow brushes free clipart

I also washed all of my eye shadow brushes and dipped them in alcohol to sterilize. Don’t lecture me…I know that is not the best for the life of the brush, but I could not risk that irritation being continued with contaminated brushes. Anyway, I resisted wearing any eyeshadow until Friday. I thought that I wore it Friday with no problem, but the rash was back by the time I removed my makeup Friday night.

Image result for eye shadow free clipart

I did not wear eye shadow on Saturday, but, of course, I had to wear it to church on Sunday. I’ve not had any on since then, and my eyelid is almost completely clear. I will wear eye shadow Friday to the Beehive Marketplace and see how it goes from there. I got some good suggestions and comments from readers and appreciated all of them. The one that seemed to make the most sense to me was stress. My stress level the past few weeks has been much higher than normal, so that could very well have something to do with it. I will keep you posted and thanks for reading my ramblings on this topic. Have a great week of tablescaping and decorating!

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4 Responses to Thanksgiving Table, This-N-That

  1. shantel says:

    Those pilgrims are the same ones my mom has, so cute!

  2. Don’t you love setting a table for 2 Bev! I have very small quantities of a lot of different things, which makes for a lot of tablescape fun! I am so glad you escaped from the busy times and relax with blogging and scaping! I love all your Dollar store finds, I never have any luck! Love the placemats and cute pilgrim salt and pepper

  3. Bev, a table for two is perfect! Beautifully done! I feel your pain with all the stress! Hope you can get some rest!

  4. Gabby says:

    This is so cute! I love the pilgrim Salt and Pepper Shakers! Thank you for Linking up with us at the Tips and Tricks Link Party! I hope to see you again this week!

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