Fall Table Plus Panning Challenge Results

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I guess the same thing happens here in central Mississippi that happens in other parts of the country this time of year…at the slightest dip in temps, the fall decorations come out of storage, doors get colorful wreaths, and mantels and tables sport colorful décor in autumnal hues. Well, for the past couple of weeks the temps have dropped from the hundreds to the nineties, high school football has started, and, as of today, I have officially jumped on the bandwagon.  It seems a little ridiculous to me to do so since it is still so blistering hot outside and I have had heat exhaustion the past few days that I have worked out in the yard…remembering that I could not do the work a few weeks ago because it was too hot. But ever since I saw the Halloween decorations in Family Dollar in mid-July, I’ve been ready to do a fall table.


I started with one of my favorite runners, an old Dollar General purchase. Love the autumn colors and the delicate leaf designs in this runner.


Now for the standout on this table…don’t you LOVE these great placemats? I was in Dollar General last week and came very close to not buying them. It was about 95 outside and seemed way too early. Then I remembered that if I waited to buy them that they probably would not be there, so, of course, they had to come home with me.


I used my Wal Mart plates as a base for the Wal Mart Better Homes & Gardens plates from a few years back. I love these plates, and, yes, I am aware that I am overusing the word love today.


By the way, I love the way the leaves on the plates go with the leaves on the placemats.


I decided to top the plate stack with my new leaf plates, purchased a few months ago from a booth at our flea market.


Last year about Christmastime I was in Bed, Bath, and Beyond and found some fall napkins in different shades on sale. The acorn napkin rings I have had for quite some time.


When I pulled them out of the drawer today, I remembered that the leaf plates are also in different hues. I tried to pick napkins that would go with the plate colors…the only hiccup being the red and purple leaf, so I had to use the brown napkin.


I liked the final look of the napkins with both the placemats and the leaf plates.


What goes with leaf plates and napkins?  Dollar Tree leaf glasses, of course! The green flutes are also from Dollar Tree.


San Remo flatware finishes off the place setting.


When I was in Hobby Lobby recently, I actually paid full price for something.  I know, crazy, right? The lovely fall candle not only looks beautiful, but it also smells divine!


Love, love, love my crazy fall table, and I am sure it had a hand in dropping the temp this evening to a mere 91 degrees!


Now I am totally switching gears from decorating to makeup, so just stop reading now if you’re just here for the tablescape. In mid-July, I listed several beauty products that I would try to pan, i.e., use up or make a big dent in, by Labor Day. It was my first report, so I did not think of taking before pics, but I will from now on.


I did not use up the smoky plum eyeshadow from Paula’s Choice,


but I do think you will agree that much more pan shows now than in the above photo. I did meet the goal of using up the other Paula’s Choice smoky plum eyeshadow, a taupe eyeshadow, a tube of Carmex, and a L’Oreal blush.


I used up my Olay night cream.


The other item that I planned to use up was the EOS lip balm. I use lip balm twice a day, morning and night, unless I have a case of chapped lips, in which I reapply during the day. Since I did have chapped lips when I began the challenge, I did not think it would be hard to use this balm up.


However, what happened as the balm got lower and lower in the case is that the edge of the case started to scratch my lips when I applied it. I dealt with it as long as I could, but I finally got tired of it and tossed it. So I do consider this balm panned.


I planned to make a lot of progress in my Mally powder and Mally blush, both new at the time of the challenge. I was so excited to hit a lot of pan in the blush! The powder, however, looks like it hasn’t been touched even though I used it every. single. day. from July 14 to September 7. You will just have to take my word for it that I’ve used a good bit of it and there is a good bit of product in this compact!


I also tried makeup cleansing wipes for the first time and had vowed to used them down as much as I could. This is a sad, empty pack of Elf cleansing cloths.


As for the Burt’s Bees and Wet n’ Wild cloths, they have gone down dramatically.


I also used up completely the Olay Regenerist day cream that I had planned to only make a dent in.


As for the Cover Girl flipstick, I love the dual ends and that I have a choice of 2 different colors that I can use separately or together. I had used this product some before I began the challenge, but not enough so that a noticeable amount had gone down.


The lighter color has gone down a good bit.


I preferred the darker color and found myself using it more often. It went down considerably, but no, despite the photo, I did not use it up. It actually broke and I continued to used it as long as I could, but I finally could not reattach it any more. So how do I feel about the goals in my panning challenge?

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Great! Not counting the flipstick, the only goal that I did not meet was using up the smoky plum eyeshadow. I used that shadow every day and I have no regrets that I did not use up. But for now, I’m tired of it and will retire it for a while.


My next panning challenge will not have as many products in it, mainly because the last challenge was so successful. For lips, I will do my best to make big dents in my Revlon lipstick (not new…has been used several times) and my L’Oreal lip gloss (brand new…only swatched). I will continue to use my Vaseline Lip Therapy, which I picked up after using up the Carmex and EOS lip balms. I’ll tell my chapped lips story at some point, but this post has already gotten too long.


I will continue with the Mally products and try to use up the blush and make the pan show on the powder.


I think I can use up my Neutrogena night cream, don’t you? I will also use up the cleansing cloths in the above photo and perhaps have a review on them.


The last products that I will pan are two fragrances, Sand & Sable, which I should be able to finish, and White Diamonds, which should get lower in the bottle.


I did not mention last challenge that I have a lip pencil that I use every day. It’s hardly worth mentioning since I had another one in this size and brand but a different color a year or so ago, and it took me forever to use up. So I will just give updates on how much it’s gone down and add it to the panning challenge when it gets a lot lower. The dates for my new challenge are from Labor Day to Halloween.

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So that’s it…new table, new makeup challenges, new success. Have a great week!

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3 Responses to Fall Table Plus Panning Challenge Results

  1. Christine says:

    Beautiful fall tablescape! Love the warmth of colors…. Christine

  2. Love the leaf love Bev! Great plates and mats, and I would have definitely bought the Hobby Lobby candle too, gorgeous! I always have the 40% off HL coupon with me just in case something I have to have is not on sale, so handy!

  3. Gabby says:

    I love Fall! All the beautiful colors and cute decorations! i wish i had half the motivation you do to do this! I love it! Thank you for Linking up with us at the Tips and Tricks Link Party! Hope to see you there again this week!

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