Simple Summer Table Again Plus Some Other Random Stuff


I had an idea to do another simple table setting with summer in mind, and I realized that I don’t use my Lenox Temperware in Fancy Free nearly enough. I guess because I do use it every day, I just don’t think of it for a tablescape.


So here it is…a simple, summer table with Fancy Free as the star. I started with my tone-on-tone yellow gingham table runner.


The yellow runner brings out the yellow in the pattern on the plate…still a favorite after all these years and one I never get tired of.


Since there is a good bit of green in the plate, I chose green napkins custom-made for me by the Napkin Lady. Dollar General green flatware and Dollar Tree green goblets continue the green in the plates.


Don’t you love this sweet little metal floral napkin ring? My mother-in-law gave them to me recently, and I think they are so cute.


To keep the centerpiece both simple and summery, I chose this cute bird house, an old Dollar General purchase.


I thought my little bumblebees would be cute scattered around…perfect for the color scheme.


I pulled this green container from my collection and put a tea light in it. I like the way it shines through.


My green variegated pillar candle on my Dollar General candle holder is perfect for this table, but I wanted a little something else.


I added a votive on a clear base, and I really liked the final look.


I like my summery table and love using my Fancy Free dishes.


David and I decided to take a brief trip this weekend since we haven’t done that in several months. We wanted to check out some places that we had never been to in south MS and ended up on the Gulf Coast. We weren’t crazy about the original places that we went to, but ended up finding some good deals at other places we found. Since I’ve been told that all Southern women have at least one egg plate, I think I should be able to sell this one without much trouble.


I’ve always been able to sell Blue Ridge pottery, and these two bowls were great buys.


I should be able  to turn a good profit on them, even considering a couple of “flea bites” on this one.


Are you ready for the best thing I’ve found at a flea market in a long, long time? Did you see the close up of my grand dog at the top of the page?


This signed, numbered Ducks Unlimited print was a super buy. I just could not resist it.


We hope to be traveling to visit Russell, Callie, and Wendell in the new house soon and I thought that this picture would make a perfect house-warming gift. Do you notice that Wendell even wears a red collar?


I do think that it is a little presumptuous to buy art for Russell when I am not really sure if this is something that he would like. I really just bought it because Wendell could have posed for it.


It just so happened that the booth vendor was there when we were at the flea market today and had already made a good deal for me on the egg plate. He offered to make a deal on anything else I wanted and when I remarked on the print, he came down on the already reasonable price.  When I assured him that his price was very reasonable and I was only hesitating because I wasn’t sure if my son would like it, the vendor came down even more. So yes, I have it and bought it for such a good price that I can resell it in my own booth if Russell doesn’t want it. Win-win situation, right?!!


As for the random stuff from the title, it has absolutely nothing to do with tablescapes, so just quit reading now if you’re not interested. Recently I have been enjoying blogs and vlogs about beauty products, makeup tips, and so forth. I have always liked experimenting with makeup and trying new beauty products.


As you know, I am always trying to save money, and one of the things that I vowed to do when I retired was to go through my stockpile of beauty products and use them up before rebuying. It had actually been going pretty well until recent months. Reading blogs had made me curious to try some new looks and products and I had purchased way more than I had intended to.


Regular readers know that I have a “something in, something out” rule when it comes to tablescapes. When I purchase something for a table, I choose something to sell at my booth. I can’t really do that with make up, so I have made a resolution to not buy any more products and to use up what I have. I have to pull myself up short since I have been way overbuying.


Beauty product bloggers who have come to the same conclusion that I have use certain terms to describe it. When they plan to use a beauty product up, they call it “pan” because the silver color of the container shows through the product as it gets used up. I have an example of above of a single eye shadow that I have “hit pan” on.

Image result for eyeshadow palette

Another term used by beauty bloggers is “pan that palette.” Many of these bloggers buy lots of makeup palettes, especially of eye shadows; consequently, they have very large collections of these palettes. Those girls who have come to the same conclusion that I have will vow to use one palette until it is all used up. Without realizing it, I had been doing these panning challenges since I retired. Before I started buying again, I had used up several lipsticks, lip pencils, and eye shadows that had been stockpiled in my bathroom cabinet. So I know how to do this…I’VE JUST GOT TO DO IT!

Image result for eyeshadow palette

These are lots of variations to the “panning” challenges, and I won’t go through them all at this time. A couple of weeks ago, I finally decided to set some goals for myself, but to be realistic with those goals. I’m using my tablescaping blog to write about these goals for two reasons: I don’t want to start another blog and writing down my goals and reporting them in print will keep me motivated.

Image result for goal setting clipart

I started my goals on July 14. I made up my mind to use up several products and to make a big dent in some other products. The time limit to accomplish these goals is Labor Day. By Labor Day, I will use up 1 tube of Carmex, 2 single plum eyeshadows, 1 Olay night cream, 1 single taupe eyeshadow, 1 L’Oreal blush, and 1 EOS lip balm. By Labor Day, I will have made a sizeable dent in 1 Mally blush, 1 Cover Girl flipstick, several packages of makeup cleansing wipes (Elf, Burt’s Bees, & Wet n Wild), 1 Mally powder, and 1 Olay daytime moisturizer.


Using only one eyeshadow palette for an entire year until it is used up (which is what most of these bloggers do) is unrealistic for me at the present time, so I have decided to do an alternate challenge, which is “one palette, one month.” Beginning on August 1, I will use only one eyeshadow palette for that entire month (yes, I started yesterday). I have chosen my In the Night palette by W7.


I love these colors and am looking forward to using them; however, I am kind of dreading what will happen about 2-3 weeks into the month when I want to move on to something else. Hopefully, I can keep it up since it’s only a month. I will post my goals and progress here and try not to bore you too much with the details.

Image result for goal setting clipart

The last challenge that I am taking is the “makeup no-buy.” I am vowing to purchase no more beauty products for the rest of 2015. However, I do have to be realistic. I will definitely run out of foundation, daytime moisturizer, and night cream by the end of the year, so I give myself permission to repurchase those. I might run out of powder and mascara before the year is up, so I give myself permission to repurchase those as well. I also will continue my Wal Mart Beauty Box subscription at this time…it is only $5 per quarter. But I will reevaluate it at least annually and see if I still want it. So that’s it! Those are my goals and now that they are out in print, I have to stick to them!

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I am a retired teacher who has only recently taken up tablescaping and blogging. For more information, see my About Bev link.
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  1. vickyhunt says:

    I was cleaning up my e-mail and realized I never read this post! I have never really been much into make-up but I have recently been watching some make-up videos on youtube. There are so many products out there and I get overwhelmed. I have always been very simple and wear the same basic products and colors all the time. I would like to branch out a little more but I hate spending a lot of money on a product and then end up not liking it. Anywho, I enjoyed reading about your challenges! Good luck!

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