Bargain Hunting and Chicken Cutting

Our Memorial Day weekend got off to a rough start because our son called to say that it was best that we not visit that weekend. He was leading 2 retreats, conducting job interviews, and working on the camp in his “spare” time. We were disappointed but certainly understood, and we do want to travel there when he is available so that we can spend time and visit with him.

Therefore, when we got up Saturday morning, we decided to go on a buying trip since I am running low on merchandise for my booth. We tossed around a few ideas, then settled on traveling to north MS. We have not been that way since Russell and Callie moved, and we have at least one place up there where we almost always find good buys.


We went to some storage lockers that almost always have a sale going on. I’ve gotten some good buys there in the past. I picked up this nice chip-n-dip bowl decorated with fruit in cheerful colors.


I fell in love with this gorgeous oval bowl, Early American Prescut. I really don’t photograph crystal well; there is no way that I can show you how beautiful it is.


At a few more places we didn’t find anything, but enjoyed looking. We ended up at a flea market which has always had good bargains for us. I purchased some really good buys. I found a 12-piece set of this really cute apple pattern. It looks like it was hardly used; all of the pieces are there and are in good shape.


I saw this pretty set called “Roseland” by Gibson china; however, it was too high for me to make a profit. After I said no, she dropped the price dramatically (I didn’t ask her to or try to bargain with her at all). All 36 pieces came home with me! I hope they will sell.


I found this beautiful large pitcher. I love the colors in it, and the design is lovely. I got it for a wonderful price. I looked it up when I got home. The pattern is “Cheri’s Roses” by 222 Fifth, and this pitcher sells for around $60. Because I got it so cheaply, I will able to price it for a reasonable markup while still allowing the buyer to get good bargain.


I fell in love with this porcelain basket. You really can’t tell, but the sweet little roses are applied (not pressed in the mold), and it is hard to find something like this that at least one of the applied decorations hasn’t chipped.


This pitcher will be a good one to put out with fall merchandise.


What a find! I got these Fiesta plates at a wonderful price. I got 3 of the luncheon plates and 1 dinner plate in the shamrock green color.


I also found 3 of the luncheon plates in scarlet. Even though these will display well at Christmas, I will probably go ahead and put them out. Fiesta is usually not hard to sell, and I would like to get them sold quickly.


So for this next item, I have to give you a little background story. The last time that we visited Russell before he moved to TN was in November. We went to a garage sale that some people were having in front of a store up the road from the flea market. I saw this great old Homer Laughlin partial set of dishes for $25. What do you notice about them?


I thought that they would mix and match well with my Homer Laughlin Gold Crown and Danube patterns. But I thought about it and really did not want to spend the money, so I passed them up. When we were driving to the flea market last Saturday, there was a garage sale in front of the store again, so we decided to stop. OK, this is just unbelievable, but that exact set of dishes were still there! I still find it absolutely a miracle that the same lady was at the same place with the same dishes. The dishes which I admired in November but had passed on were still there in May! I am not a big “it was meant to be” person, but it was meant to be! Of course, I purchased them….for $15! I asked no questions, just handed them the money and said, “I’ll take them.”  I am thrilled and will tell you more about these dishes later.


After heading to the next town and enjoying a nice meal, we shopped for groceries, then headed home. We were tired, but enjoyed our day and I was glad to have gotten some new merchandise to work with. I was really in need of some new, fresh stock, and our little buying trip was a good start. On the way home, we decided to go to David’s parents’ house on Monday. His dad had some limbs that had grown over both his roof and his neighbor’s roof and wanted David to help him with them. I volunteered to bring lunch, grilled chicken sandwiches, which is one of our favorite summertime cookout meals.

Sunday afternoon after church and lunch, I needed to run to the store and pick up one or two things to finish out the marinade for the chicken. David said he would slice the chicken and have it ready to go in the marinade when I got back.

Upon returning home, David was just standing in the hallway looking kind of sheepish. He said “I need your help,” and showed me his finger wrapped in a bloody paper towel. He had sharpened the knife before cutting the chicken and sliced his little finger. He takes an aspirin every day, so he bled and bled. When he unwrapped the paper towel and showed me his injury, I knew immediately that he needed more than a band-aid. I need to interject here that I have had many, many medical procedures in my lifetime, and my stomach is pretty strong. It takes a lot to bother me, and I could not stomach the sight of that cut. I also need to add that David has been known to faint when he has deep cuts, and there is no way that I can lift him if he falls to the floor. I told him to grab his insurance card and I was taking him to the ER. The fact that he didn’t fight me about going told me a lot.

Anyway, we made it to the ER and everything went without incident. The dr. took one look at it and said that he definitely needed stitches. I told him about David’s fainting with previous cuts, and he made sure that David was fully inclined on the bed before starting the procedure. He sewed it up (2 stitches); he also said that he had to have a tetanus shot. After the shot, he was dismissed, and, as ER visits go, it was really a surprisingly easy visit, very efficient and the doc was quite personable.


David felt fine, and his finger didn’t even hurt much after the numbing medicine wore off. We went ahead with our plans to help out his dad, and he promised that he would wear work gloves. When we arrived at their house Monday morning, David’s parents said that their neighbor down the street was moving to a retirement home. Just a few minutes before we got there, she had called to say that her kids and grandkids had gotten everything they had wanted from her house and that she was selling the rest. Everyone knows that his parents are antiques dealers, so she wanted them to come by and see if there was anything they wanted. We walked down there, and I was thrilled to see a number of kitchen items that I wanted and thought I could sell. I have mentioned in the past that Corningware, Pyrex, and so forth sell well for me and I buy it whenever I have the chance. I don’t normally photograph it for the blog, but I had to show you that wonderful mixing bowl. It is in the primary green color, and it would have been sold in a “nesting” set of bright colors. They are very collectible, and I was thrilled to pick it up.


I also just had to show you this great piece. It is called a”Corningware Electromatic Skillet.” It was manufactured in the 1960s and is in almost perfect condition.


It is more than just a hot plate. It can actually be used for cooking. The Corningware dish came with it, along with instructions to only use Corningware on the skillet. I plugged it in and it worked. I have no idea how this will sell, but I think it is a great novelty piece. I hope it will sell pretty quickly.


I got a set of 6 pink swirl goblets. Are you seeing what I am seeing? I see a tablescape in the future with the Roseland china, rose pitcher, china basket, and these goblets. Won’t that look great?


Other purchases include a nice milk glass bowl


and this pretty decorative jar, probably a ginger jar.


I liked this bowl decorated with raised fruit on the perimeter.


I almost passed it up, then I remembered the chip-n-dip with fruit on it. I think they will display well together.


David liked this large holder for a pillar candle. Won’t that look great at Christmas with a red or green candle in it?


We shopped quickly, then returned home so that they could get started on the yard work. David’s younger brother was there when we got back, and the 3 of them got to work. David’s mom often picks things up for me from garage sales, and she gave me a few things, among them this nice bowl, probably Hull from the early 70s.


This Gail Pittman platter in the Green Azalea pattern is huge and very beautiful. My photograph just does not do it justice.


I love this old vintage platter. Again, my pics are just not good. It has beautiful sprays of violets on it. As a matter of fact, I plan to keep this platter for a while. I will have to decide if I want to keep it for myself or sell it.


David’s mom and I also made a quick trip to a local thrift store. I found a few holiday items, but that was all. I think this little jack-o-lantern teapot is cute and whimsical.


The top of this ceramic jack-o-lantern comes off so that a votive can be put in it.


David, his dad, and brother got a lot done on Monday. A number of limbs from their tree were right over the neighbors’ carport and a portion of their home roof. It is amazing that none of them blew down and did any damage during the recent tornadoes. They got all of those trimmed back and hauled to the street.


They also cleared some small trees and limbs from the back where David’s dad wants to put up some fence.


They ran out of time and steam and did not get all of the limbs removed from over their roof, but it was more important to get the limbs off the neighbors’ roof at this point. They will schedule another work day when they can to finish out the limb cutting. We enjoyed our grilled chicken sandwiches and fellowship.


I had really intended to put a tablescape with the HL dishes at the end of this post.


But my post has already gotten a little long, and I have other things that need my attention. I will do a tablescape with the HL china as soon as I can, plus tell you what I find out about it.


Hope everyone has a great time bargain hunting and be careful when you cut that chicken!

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3 Responses to Bargain Hunting and Chicken Cutting

  1. Rosie M. says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend, Bev, and your new treasures are great. I’ll look forward to your tablescape with your new dishes: love the pink color!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  2. Sarah says:

    Sorry you didn’t get to see your son and that David had a mishap, but you certainly found a lot of new treasures.

  3. katelaineransom says:

    Awesome finds! I cut my pinky finger getting silverware out of the dishwasher – required stitches. I had my daughter watch – she wants to be a nurse. I’m so sorry you didnt get to see your son! I do appreicate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

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