Booth Update, Bargains, and Rant

After a fairly dismal summer, August sales picked up a good bit. We were pleased and hope that signifies even more sales to come. We spent about 4 hours at the flea market on vendor day this week. We culled inventory that had been there for a long time, rearranged everything, and brought in new merchandise for the fall.

Did I just say fall? It’s still summer! OK, I know that some of you live in parts of the world with 4 actual seasons, but I don’t. It’s miserably hot here still, and the heat index has us in the mid to high nineties almost daily {certainly better than just a few short weeks ago when were hitting the hundreds every day}. In addition, some of you probably remember a particular rant that I wrote almost a year ago in which I complained mightily about the commercialization of Christmas and how the merchants of our town kept pushing up the Christmas open house so much that now Christmas decorations were going up before Halloween decorations were completely down.

This same crass commercialization exists for fall as well. Are you ready for this interesting tidbit? I saw the first autumnal decor in a local store here on July 17! Yep, you read that right! More than two months before fall really begins and more than 3 months before it begins (sorta) here in sweltering central MS. I was aghast.

What is even worse, as my other previous rant admitted, is that [**gulp, look down at the floor embarrassed, heavy sigh**] I have jumped on the bandwagon. Yes, I have. As a business owner, I am now one of those who crassly commercialize God’s perfect plan of nature for my own benefit. There, I said it. I have confessed. Get over it and read on.


I’ll start my report with this display shelf. You may remember that I picked this up a few weeks ago at a yard sale. It was poorly made and didn’t look that great, but I knew that it had good “bones” and would be good for additional display space at our booth. We paid the whopping $1 price, and David did a good job rebuilding and staining it with materials that we had here. He did not purchase anything new for it.


I took it to the flea market that week, and it did make a really nice display. Before we left that day, my partner reminded me to price it very high. Whenever we have something in our booth that we don’t want to sell, we put a high price on it so that there will be no chance of our losing it. I dreamed up $45 out of my head [have no idea why that price came to me out of thin air], made the price tag, and went on my way.


When we showed up this week on vendor day, I was looking around to see if anything had sold since I had been in there a few days before. The shelf was gone. Someone paid $45 for that hunk of junk, I made a $44 profit, and I didn’t mind at all to lose my display.


I tweaked my fall tablescape from a few weeks ago. This china is Pfaltzgraff Summer Garden. I added those cute little pilgrims and a witch candy dish. That candy dish has the perfect colors to go with these dishes!


You also see those wonderful fall leaf glasses that I picked up last weekend at an estate sale. Do you notice the centerpiece? I finally put the Fenton Silvercrest banana/fruit stand in the booth and filled it with faux fall fruit (look, I’m an English teacher and love alliteration, ok?).


Our table at the front and center got a complete overhaul. Almost everything that was on this table either went home or somewhere else in the booth. I put the white teapot, white mugs, and cute little pumpkin plates in the center to attract attention. They say, “This is fall. It doesn’t matter that it is 90 outside and 95 inside this building. Have a hot cup of tea.”


We put a lot of our crystal on this table as well as some plates with fall colors.


We moved this shelf from the other side of the booth and decided to use it to display our Pyrex, Corning Ware, and other dishes.


You can’t really tell from the photo, but the cute little candy corn lights accent this shelf, and we ended up really liking how they sparkle through the clear dishes. Sweet! {pun intended.}


We moved this shelf down and have various items on it as well as some of the lights at the top.


We moved the cookie jar display again also. You might see some HL dishes there if you look closely.


Are you ready for the crowning glory? And to get even madder at me for commercializing the seasons? This beat-up old table was an early garage sale purchase.

Recently, David finished it and turned it into a gorgeous piece of heirloom furniture.


We were waiting until I got some of the summer things out and had a little more room before moving it to the booth.

Plus, I wanted to have it there at a time when people begin thinking about holidays and having people over.


OK, I also wanted it there because I thought that it would be the perfect backdrop for a holiday tablescape.


Don’t get your panties in a wad, people! It’s called a pre-Christmas sale, and businesses do it all the time! I know you recognize these beautiful plates from recent thrifting expeditions, and don’t these sherbets look great with them?


The pre-Christmas sale gives you a huge discount on the sherbets if you purchase the china, which is also at a discounted price.


I have no idea if this marketing tactic will work or not, but I will let you know. Sorry the flea market lighting is not the best and these pictures are a little dark.


I didn’t do a whole lot of yard sales, thrift stores, etc. this week, but that is a story for another day. I have only a few bargains to show you. I have seen this cute little teddy bear Christmas mug all over the internet for prices ranging from $9.99 to $32.99–no joke. I assure you that my price will be much lower than those!


Isn’t this cookie jar snowman cute?


I really like him and I think that he will be desirable for snowman collectors.


What I’m most excited about is this set of 4 mugs. They are called Gingerbread Chef and were originally sold for $39.95 for the set in Williams Sonoma, discontinued in 2009. My price will be much, much more reasonable than that, and I will let you know how it sells. I also purchased some Pyrex.


Have a wonderful week of decorating, tablescaping, and thrift shopping. And, as always, you can ask me about anything you see on this blog and I will let you know if it is for sale!

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7 Responses to Booth Update, Bargains, and Rant

  1. Vicky Hunt says:

    What a great profit on that shelf! I bet you were thrilled with that! Your booth looks really good…I like the way you have it decorated. And….oh my goodness, I LOVE that table! It is gorgeous!

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. Jil says:

    What a great read! Your booth looks wonderful and your Christmas tablescape is beautiful!
    We used to live in Arizona and I know about those 100 degree days that seemed to go on forever, but the happy side to that is, you don’t have to shovel snow for what seems forever! lol!
    ♥ Jil

  3. jeanniemaries says:

    What fun to look through your booth and see your special finds! Congrats on selling the shelf! What a thrill to realize such a good profit!

  4. Cynthia G. says:

    Bev, I noticed what appears to be a milk glass banana boat in a tablescape on today’s blog. Is it for sale? What will the price be? Thanks, Cynthia

  5. Candy S says:

    I enjoyed touring your booth today. So much fun to see what you have collected to display (and to sell) at your booth. I think I may have to start selling some of my “stuff” soon. I can’t get my car in the garage unless I clear out a lot of my seasonal and holiday decor.

  6. Carol says:

    Well, it doesn’t bother me a bit to see seasonal decor & supplies in the stores quite far in advance. For me, summer is our time to stay inside and work on seasonal projects, so I’m happy to be able to buy anything I might need for those projects. My little pet peeve, however, is when they start playing those creepy Halloween noises 2-months ahead of time, or start the Christmas music before Halloween! I think your displays look very nice.

  7. I have gotten where I leave a selection of seasonal items out all year in my booth. Collectors and early gift shoppers are always on the hunt no matter what time of year it is. Funny about the display shelf selling at that price.

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