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Happy Fourth of July and Happy Anniversary!

GIVE AWAY IS NOW CLOSED. WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER TODAY! As I worked on my Fourth of July tables yesterday, I remembered that a Fourth of July tablescape was the first one that I ever posted when I began … Continue reading

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Feeling Blue…

Well, not really. I’m actually feeling pretty good today. I’ve caught up on some laundry and housework and updated my dining table. The reason for the title is this beautiful blue table runner. I purchased it several months ago, then … Continue reading

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Old Country Roses, New Sofa Vignette, and New Recipe

When I was trying to think of something new for the dining table this week, I realized that I haven’t used the Old Country Roses in a while. I also thought that I had not used all three sizes of … Continue reading

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Two Simple Tablescapes plus Being a Blessing

After my last post finishing up the details of our trip, I realized that I had not updated you on what happened before we left, the gas leak. Before I do that, however, I want to show you two simple … Continue reading

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Antique Malls, Bargains, and Punch Bowls {Plus the Rest of the Florida Trip}

To tell you about the last part of our trip to Florida, I will focus on antiques and collectibles. I am constantly on the lookout for good buys that I can take back to our booth and resell for a … Continue reading

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Our Trip to Florida, Part 2, or, I’m Just a Redneck Girl

In my last post, I told you about our experience at the Antiques Roadshow. This post will continue our story with the other things that we did in FL. You may remember that Tropical Storm Andrea was due to hit Jacksonville Thursday afternoon before … Continue reading

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The Antiques Roadshow

Finally, we have been to The Antiques Roadshow and we are home at last! To go ahead and satisfy your curiosity, we did not get on tv, but we had a great time and would do it all over again with … Continue reading

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To Beach or not to Beach…

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the cheesy title. We are almost all packed for our trip to Jacksonville. Loading the wagon was not fun, but we did it. Most everything else we loaded last night, and I will finish putting the … Continue reading

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Tablescape with Antique Chinese Linens

Aren’t these handmade linens gorgeous? I won’t go back into how I got them, but I will just say that I love them and wanted to do a table with them before I go to the Antiques Roadshow. Because all … Continue reading

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And the Winners Are…

A couple of days ago it suddenly hit me that we would be at The Antiques Roadshow in less than a week. So it’s time to make a decision about what to bring! I think that I shared with you … Continue reading

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