Chap’s Wedding plus a Beach Table


Update for “All the Places I’ve Been:” This past weekend I went to a wedding Saturday afternoon, Baccalaureate at church Sunday morning, and a baby shower for a young friend Sunday afternoon. I told a friend that I had hit almost all of the high points of a person’s life in 24 hours! So for the Tablescaper’s link, I am posting about the wedding, my son and daughter-in-law’s involvement in it, and my husband’s very personal contribution to the bride and groom (see photo above). Unfortunately, since my blog is supposed to be about tablescaping and decorating, you will see a table that I did for the weekend first. If you’re not interested in that, just scroll on down until you see the photo of my grand dog Wendell. It was a wonderful weekend, and the places that I have been are Chap’s wedding and reception. Thanks for reading! I knew that Russell and Callie would have a very busy weekend when they got here and that we wouldn’t have a lot of visiting time. I thought that we would only have one meal to sit down to together as a family, so I wanted to do one nice table setting.


Since Callie had just come in from a beach trip with her family, I decided to set a beach table so that she could remember her vacation fondly. I wanted to use beach towels as my base, so I started with this bright yellow one.


I wasn’t quite satisfied with the look, so I decided to add another one in a bright contrasting color. I like the color of this top one, but it was very close to the color of my placemats.


I wanted more of a contrast with the placemats, so I switched the yellow to the top.


But I still didn’t really like it. Then I realized that I could just rearrange the layers. By keeping the turquoise on the top but turning it the other way, I still had enough contrast for the placemats. Plus, the shells on the top beach towel are more visible to go with the shell theme of the table accessories.


I love the colors in these placemats, and they echo the colors in the top beach towel.


For the dinner plate, I chose my Fancy Free. The blue rim was a great match with the blues in the placemats.


I folded the napkins in this beautiful watery blue to layer under the salad plate. These beach-themed salad plates with their cool blues and splashes of bright orange were the inspiration for this table.


Each plate has a different beachy picture.


I chose my black San Remo flatware.


I’m sure you can guess which glasses I used-those trusty Dollar Tree goblets. Aren’t they great?


Then I turned my attention to the centerpiece. I chose my pillar candle in variegated oranges to echo the touches of orange in the salad plates.


Last year, I used these Dollar Tree shell plates for salad plates, and I wanted to do something a little different with them this year.


So I placed them around the pillar candle and used them to hold votives.


A sprinkling of brown sugar “sand,” and I was done! I was pleased with the final look, and Callie seemed to appreciate it.


It was quite a hectic weekend, although you wouldn’t know it from Wendell’s pose above.


They got in Friday afternoon a couple of hours before they had to be at the rehearsal. Callie had to go to the organist’s home to practice their pieces, and Russell was putting finishing touches on his homily. I managed to snap once quick pic before they left for the rehearsal.


Saturday morning was also hectic. Callie met Ann at the church, and they practiced their violin and harp duets. They were really good; of course, I am not biased at all!


Russell had to attend the groomsmen’s brunch. His throat was feeling a little scratchy and he was hoarse, so he was trying to not talk much and take care of his voice before the wedding. As a side note, we love our beautiful daughter-in-law for a myraid of reasons, not the least of which is her height. It comes in handy in our house, and David especially was grateful for her when he was washing the truck Sat. morning and needed a little help with the top.


Chap is a friend a few years younger than Russell, and his family and ours are good church friends. In 2008 when Russell was hiring his camp summer staff, he was almost finished and needed a couple of more people. He called Chap and said, “Why don’t you come work with me this summer?” It was also Kelly’s first year to work as a camp counselor. Like they say, the rest was history.


Russell has done a good job of hiring a number of the young people who grew up in our church, and the majority of Chap’s groomsmen were those guys. Although they were all good friends from being in high school and the youth group together, they all really grew closer as they bonded summer after summer. Some of them also ended up at Mississippi State together as well. Jay, Reed, and Phillip above were all in high school together and then have worked at camp together for several years. As a matter of fact Reed and Phillip are both full-time employees now, but Phillip will leave to go to seminary at the end of the summer. Russell is excited for him but will certainly miss him.


Of course, snapping candids at the reception means that I did not necessarily get pics of everyone at the same time or in the poses that I wanted. I never did get a good pic of Chap and Kelly. Will, another friend from youth and camp, was a groomsman as well. He will be working at camp this summer and going to grad school in the fall.


Chap’s close high school friends, Ben, Corey, and Cole, were also groomsmen. Since I taught all of them, I told them that as an annoying ex-teacher I had the right to take their snapshots. Ben liked to pose as long as he could have his sweet little baby in the shot with him! Can’t say that I blame him. Although I have run into Ben several times, I had not seen Corey and Cole in a long time, and it’s always nice to see former students all grown up.


John Robert is a special church member, and he loves all of these guys. They love him, too, of course.


John Robert also loves to dance, and he and the mother of the groom made a great pair.


I managed to capture the father of the groom dancing with his youngest daughter Julia. It was really sweet.


OK, I’m not kidding here when I say that this is a snapshot of Juli and Julia. Juli was the youth director when most of these kids were coming up, and Julia is Chap’s middle sister. Speaking of Chap’s sisters, his oldest sister Melissa got a little overheated during the ceremony and almost fainted. Luckily, she was able to lean on Ben and the father of the bride until someone got her a chair and a bottle of water. She made it through fine, but I did not ever get a good pic of her at the reception. I’m sure she was staying in the air conditioning.


A few days before the wedding Chap called my husband and asked to borrow his truck for the going away. Chap and his dad took it for an afternoon so that Chap could practice. He had never driven a standard on the column before. Chap asked David to park it at the reception heading downhill!


I didn’t get a great photo of them leaving because of the crowds. It was really sweet the way he stopped and kissed her on the way out.


She seemed to be fine with getting in the old truck in her pretty dress.


We all held our breath as he cranked it up.


He apparently was a quick learner, and they left with no problems. It was a joyous day, and everyone had a great time! I’ll close with a few more wedding snapshots.


Chap’s uncle Richard was acting like he didn’t want to dance with his wife until I appeared with a camera!


Ben and his sweet wife. Sorry I didn’t get them facing the camera. She also spent a summer working at camp.


David and Will managed to pose for me quickly.


Russell and Grandaddy appear deep in conversation. I found a baby pic of Daddy while going through stuff for the Antiques Roadshow, and it looks just like Russell’s baby pictures.


Russ and John Robert.


Russell, Juli, and Phillip gave me nice photo.


The three of us. We were sooooo hot!


My favorite son and daughter-in-law. Russell’s homily was wonderful. I’m a little biased, of course! He used John 15 as his text and encouraged Chap and Kelly to go out and bear fruit as a married couple. He complimented them on the fruit that they had already born in their years of working with youth and children, both in Christian camping and in her job as a youth director and his as working with college age at the Wesley Foundation at Ole Miss. He reminded them that it would not always be easy to bear fruit, but that the Lord would equip them to do so. David and I thought it so touching that their first meal together as a married couple was Holy Communion, and that they began their married life in an act of service, serving communion to the members of their wedding party.


What a wonderful way to begin a marriage!

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17 Responses to Chap’s Wedding plus a Beach Table

  1. Johnette says:

    I love the beach theme, and you all look wonderful at the wedding!

    • Bev says:

      Thanks! You will never believe how wretchedly hot it was! Imagine about 90 outside and add a crowd of people under a tent…

  2. Looks like a really awesome wedding! Love the beach theme tablescape. Those luncheon plates are really cute! Love the use of the beach towels!

  3. Oh what a lovely wedding and such wonderful pictures. I loved hearing all about it. I wish them all of Gods Blessings. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. FABBY says:

    Oh what a happy and joyous wedding..big congrats to you all! You all look great too. I love the beach tablescape idea, so pretty and different, perfect for the summer that’s almost knocking your doors and the beach towels, genious!!!

  5. Love the beach towel, I have done that and it’s such a wonderful way to add to the texture and theme of the table! The aqua truck is the best!!

  6. LaVoice says:

    Thans for letting us share in this spcail wedding with you. That old truck is priceless.

  7. What a beautiful wedding day. Best wishes to the bride and groom! The beachy table turned out just wonderful. Must remember to use those beach towels!! Have a blessed Memorial Day. xo marlis

  8. Pat@BPM says:

    This looks like a great wedding!

    Love the beach table.

  9. Wonderful wedding.

    Love the beach towels as a tablecloth.

    – The Tablescaper

  10. RobinfromCA says:

    You did have a busy weekend! I love, love, love the idea of using beach towels on the table! The possibilities are endless for this California girl!

  11. Lulu says:

    Quite a weekend you had, and it looks like the wedding was the highlight. The going away vehicle is pretty cute right down to the color!

  12. What a busy weekend! Wendell looks exhausted! Great blue truck too.
    Have a beautiful weekend,
    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  13. Love the beach table using what you had is very thrifty! The wedding looks like it was wonderful. Thanks for joining Diann and I at TTF this week.

  14. beautiful!!! Wishing them every happiness. Thank you for sharing at the hop xo

  15. Kathy says:

    A Very clever beach tablescape! Love it! Everyone looks marvelous! I do love weddings! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  16. Beverly says:

    I did find some pink. The wedding must have been wonderful.

    Happy Pink Saturday

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