Touches of Silver, a New Piece of Pottery, and Preparing for Company


I have been busy today cleaning and doing some neglected things around the house. I’ve enjoyed my yard work so much lately that I’ve only done the bare minimum inside, and not much of that. But my yellow roses were beautiful this morning, and I wanted to show you some pics of them in this post as well.


Suddenly I realized that the kids will be in this weekend and their room is a wreck. Before they married, Callie stayed in the guest room when she visited, so we now call that room “Callie’s room.”  We still call the room that was his “Russell’s room.”


After they married, I give them their choice of rooms when they come, and they always choose Russell’s room. They say that his mattress is better, plus there is more room in there for them, their luggage, and Wendell.


Now that I am a business woman with a flea market booth, I am glad that they have chosen his room! Callie’s room has now become the storage for things for the flea market. I absolutely hate it, but I have no idea what to do to remedy it. I try to keep it as neat as I can-a neat mess, if you will. Anyway, on to the cleaning and decorating updates. 


I began with giving Russell’s room a thorough dusting and cleaning his floors, as well as putting away as much of David’s stuff as I could. Since Russell has married, David has spread out into Russell’s room. He gets dressed in there in the morning, keeps his diabetes supplies and exercise bike there, and stores his Bible and other materials he needs for youth in the desk in there. I like the fact that it keeps our room straight. So if I have to get in there and really deep clean before they come visit, that is fine with me.


Then I moved on to the living room. In addition to a thorough cleaning, I have been tired of my vignettes and wanting to change them for quite some time.


After Christmas, I changed the vignettes on the entertainment center to these. I was so surprised and excited when we visited David’s parents on Mother’s Day and his mom gave me a piece of pottery that was made by a dear friend. She said that she had enjoyed it for quite some time and wanted to pass it on to us. Since it is pretty large, and I had been wanting to change these vignettes anyway, it was the perfect time to do it.


I started with this grouping. I just replace the pitcher with the pottery bowl. But I wasn’t really happy with it.


Then I tried the bowl by itself. I like the dramatic effect that a large piece has alone.


However, I really wasn’t happy with the height. Since my ceilings are tall, I like to have some height on top of the cabinet (this is an early primitive jelly cabinet that we use for our stereo and some other things).


I tried a few other of my vintage pottery vases and just was not satisfied with the look. The vases were too chunky with this already chunky piece. My eyes lighted on these tall candlesticks as I was looking around at my vintage pottery and pitchers. They added the height I needed without the heaviness of more pottery. They are kind of rustic-looking dark fake silver, so the look is not too shiny to go with this bowl. I was very satisfied with the final effort.


Then I began to look at the shelf above the stereo where I usually have a small grouping. I had never been completely happy with my Gail Pittman bowl and vintage pottery and pitcher that I had put here a few months ago. The colors look good together, but the scale didn’t look right to me.


I have plenty of pottery and pitchers to choose from, so I tried several. I ended up with this vignette, two rustic looking pitchers and one Johnson Bros. ironstone pitcher. I would prefer for the third pitcher to be more along the pottery type of these two, but this ironstone was the most rustic choice that I had .


Then I moved to the coffee table.


I’ve had my Gail Pittman tray here for a long time, and I really like it. So why fix it if it ain’t broke? The problem is that the coffee table ends up being the catch-all for snacks, books, magazines, mail, and other assorted “junk.” I always have to move stuff over if I need to use the coffee table for writing lists, going through mail, etc. So why have it there?

100_4832It’s not necessary to have a vignette. I like the coffee table with just the tray. Just don’t send the vignette police my way!


As for the sofa table, I moved the framed pictures of Russell and Callie and some pottery. They looked fine; I was just tired of them. Do you remember the silver tray from last week?


I decided that it would look fine on the sofa table. Then to continue the silver theme, I moved over a picture of the kids-and Wendell, of course-that I have in a silver frame and a chunky “silver” candlestick.


I was pleased with this little vignette and the touches of silver that I added to the living room.


I have actually examined the mantel several times in the last few weeks and run through several different looks in my mind.


But guess what? I still love what is there now and just don’t want to change it.


I have had my small collection of Hull pottery there for a while, and I added my Danube platter and bowl a few months ago because the aqua picks up the aqua hues in the pottery. So if I’m not tired of it and still love it, why change it?


So don’t send the vignette police my way for not changing this one either!


So I have dusted, climbed the ladder to clean the ceiling fans, swept, mopped, and washed all the linens on Russell’s bed, plus made new vignettes in the living room as I was dusting.  Tomorrow I’ll get back to work and hopefully finish up the house.


If you’re wondering about The Antiques Roadshow, I have still not decided. The above photo is a close up of some detail in a print that I inherited from my grandmother.


It is called a yard-long, for exactly the reasons that you might think, and they were very popular in Victorian times. If they were centered horizontally, like mine above, they were usually of flowers or fruit. Mine is called “a Yard of Lilacs.”

Some of the yard-longs were hung vertically. The subjects of these were usually Victorian women, such as these pictures that I found on the internet.

We still haven’t come to a conclusion, but we need to soon. Believe me, I’ll let you know as soon as possible!

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6 Responses to Touches of Silver, a New Piece of Pottery, and Preparing for Company

  1. Bev I love how you shared your process for changing things up! I do that also and just mix and match until my eyes are pleased! Great job! Thanks for lining with TTF this week.
    Linda and Diann

  2. FABBY says:

    How beautiful, I love those porcelain pieces! I love how you have your lovelies displayed. Big hugs,

  3. Thanks for linking up at Assets and Efforts on HickoryTrail


  4. I love changing things around. You have such beautiful treasures and you have them all displayed so beautifully. Your yellow rose is stunning, my favorite flower ever. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  5. Kathy says:

    The silver looks brilliant! I love the chest you use for a coffee table – beautiful vignettes! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  6. retha says:

    As it seems one has to change all the time. It is good to hear of those who are willing to leave ‘what is not broken’ and enjoy what is.

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