New Purchase plus Spring Photos


As I write this post, it is raining very hard outside with flash flood and thunderstorm warnings in our area plus the threat of hail later on. I knew that this weather was predicted, so yesterday I made a point of photographing the azaleas that are along my driveway.


Aren’t they gorgeous? But the rain will beat most of the blooms off and, alas, they will be gone for another year.


The azaleas in the back yard aren’t all bloomed out yet, so I am not sure what this storm will do to them. Hopefully, I will still have some pretty blooms on them later. These are the azaleas that are in my header, by the way.


Spring time in Mississippi brings some absolutely beautiful flowers. But, unfortunately, you have to take the good with the bad. The tracks of the mailman through the pollen on my front porch give you only a little taste of what we get each year at this time.


Luckily, David and I don’t get bothered too much by the pollen. A friend of mine told me a few days ago that she ended up sick and having to go the doc for prescriptions because the pollen bothered her so much. She definitely lives in the wrong state!


By the way, taking photographs of pollen is not easy. You might get a slight idea of what type of pollen we have by looking at the above pic of the yellow stuff washed down at the end of the driveway this morning after the rain. That is only a fraction of what has been floating in the air.


I also managed to get an after picture of one of the poor azaleas in the rain. So sad.


I noticed that the goldfish were loving the rain. Normally, you can’t really see them too well since they are deep and the pond is dark. But this morning several of them were playing near the top of the water at the shallow part (my pond is sloped). If you think taking pictures of pollen isn’t easy, try taking pictures of goldfish in the pouring rain. Sorry, you can kind of see one of them right above the azalea bloom at the bottom of the pic, but I just was not able to show you how cute they looked. Plus, the pond is full of the azalea and pine blooms, so it’s kind of hard to see anyway.


As I worked on my tablescape this morning, I had Swamp People reruns playing in the background.  As the rain worsened, the satellite kept going in and out, and it seemed rather fitting that some of the episodes showing were from Tropical Storm Lee in 2011. By the way, we were camping at a state park during that storm; the truck went dead; the boat flooded; it was a comedy of errors. But that’s a story for another day.


Last week when David and I went to some yard sales, I found this table runner for fifty cents. My dining room is dark due to the lack of natural light, the dark wood of my furniture, and the low wattage of my light fixture. Every single time that I post one of my dining room tables, I am unhappy with how dark the pictures are. When I first spread out the dark green runner on my walnut table, I could barely see it and knew that it would not show up in photos. So I put down the white cloth first so that the details would be more apparent. OK, I know I have a runner and placemats on top of a tablecloth, but it’s my table, and I can do what I want! Just don’t send the tablecloth police to my house!


Then I decided to use these Dollar General placemats. I thought that these earthy colors would blend well with the dark green of the runner.


Since I haven’t used The Friendly Village lately, I decided on the dinner plates. I did not layer any of the other pieces since I was trying to keep it casual. I found some taupe napkins and folded them casually instead of using a napkin ring.


For flatware, I chose the same playful mix-n-match set from last week. The neutral shades are good with these placemats and napkins.


I absolutely could not make up my mind about goblets. Should I use the green Dollar General ones?


Or would the green Dollar Tree ones be better? I really like both, and since I couldn’t decide, I used them both!


For my centerpiece, I used my staggered pillar candles. Deciding that I need a little something else, I grabbed two of my Friendly Village salad plates.


I threw in the decorative rattan balls that I use a lot and covered them with a faux “cloche” cover.


For the other side, I spilled out “river rock” onto the other plate.


I was pleased with the final look and hope you like it also.


I hope that everyone stays allergy-free and dry during this wonderful spring weather. Leave me a comment and tell me which goblet you like better!

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About Bev

I am a retired teacher who has only recently taken up tablescaping and blogging. For more information, see my About Bev link.
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17 Responses to New Purchase plus Spring Photos

  1. Patti says:

    Hi Bev,
    Your azaleas are just gorgeous! So sorry that the storms are making the blooms short lived.
    Do you have magnolia trees, too? That is one of the things I miss most about MS. My Mom had so many beautiful plants and trees. Enjoyed seeing yours!
    Oh, Staffordshire is in England where this type of pottery dog was made. Thanks so much for checking them out 🙂

    • Bev says:

      The only magnolia I had in my yard was on the fence line, and I had to get rid of it. There is a beautiful one across the street from me, however.

  2. Hope says:

    Being one state away from you, I know all about pollen! I have a black car that looks yellow this time of year!

    Pretty azaleas!

  3. Eve Sison says:

    I thought those flowers were bougainvilleas. Made me miss my hometown. Hopping from Serenity Now’s Weekend Bloggy Reading link up.

  4. Jill says:

    Oh! What I wouldn’t give for flowers and rain – we’re still getting snow in Saskatchewan (Canada!) Your flowers are beautiful!

  5. Anne says:

    You remind me of Linda at A La Carte with your tablescaping skills! Very beautifully done! We still have winter weather coming here to COloradonext week! Sigh! Love those azaleas! SO bright and colorful. Stay safe!

  6. Robin says:

    We have the yellow sheen of pollen everywhere here as well. In our area it’s mostly from acacia and pine trees but there are other contributors. I hope your beautiful azaleas survived the storm!

  7. Valerie says:


    I love azaleas many of our neighbors are successful at growing them, just not us. I’d love to hear your tips on how to grow them.


    Cottage Making Mommy

    • Bev says:

      Sorry, I have no tips at all! Our house is over 100 years old, the azaleas were here when we moved in. I don’t do anything to them other that prune off dead limbs because I like them kind of wild looking and unstructured. The only thing that I have ever been told is that “azaleas like their feet wet.” I think it is true because I have lost a couple of the really big old ones during summer droughts in the past.

  8. Your azaleas are gorgeous! We have them blooming now as well in Washington State. Your tablescape is also very pretty.

  9. Wanda says:

    Your table is lovely and so are your Azaleas. Their bloom time is short enough without having the hard weather hurry them along. ;-( I hope most withstood the rain. I am north so it is a bit early for them here. I will just have to enjoy your lovely photos and wait. Stoppin by from Tues. Treasures. Have a great week!

  10. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says:

    The flowers on all of your bushes are so gorgeous, but wow, the pollen is really a problem. I love your tablescape, it is so pretty and the centerpiece turned out so earthy with the rocks and candles. Beautiful. Thanks for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  11. Mona says:

    I am in Georgia and we have had all of the pollen too..thankfully the rain washed a lot of it away. I love your azaleas and your dishes…so pretty. I like both of these green goblets. I have searched my DT and not been able to find any of these…guessing I am too late.

  12. Kathy says:

    We’re definitely experiencing the same weather! My Dearest and the Children all have allergies and have been medicating themselves diligently – love this time of the year to see all the Azaleas! We’re supposed to get rain by the end of the week, should help the pollen more. I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  13. It’s so sweet to see all those azaleas. Not so much the pollen. We have lots of that too. Enjoy your table. Love all the layering!

  14. Christine says:

    Your azaleas are really pretty. I have pinks and orange ones in the backyard and white in the front. They were all blooming (except for the white) when I left for Fl 3 weeks ago. I came back 2 days ago and the azales in the back are all gone and the white ones in front are blooming. I miss the dark pink ones. Your tablescape looks very nice too….Christine

  15. Mimi says:

    It’s great when you can pull different pieces together to create a look. Thanks for sharing.

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