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Bev’s Best Bargains for Tablescaping and Beyond

This weekend we visited our son and his wife. Why is it that when we get back from a brief overnight visit, I still feel like we’ve been gone a year! It seems like I’ve just played catch up all … Continue reading

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The Friendly Village plus a Scare

My dining room is still full of art, and I finally finished posting all of my salt and pepper shaker collection. Yep, that was all of them! Unless I purchase more in the future, of course; there is always a … Continue reading

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More Salt & More Savings

To continue showing you my salt and pepper shakers, these are from a tub containing characters, objects, fruits & vegetables, and a few other random sets. These sets are fun. I bought the Snow White and Sorcerer’s Apprentice sets in … Continue reading

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Pass the Salt Again and More Saving Money

Scrolling back through the archives, I realized that I never finished showing you my salt and pepper shaker collection. I’m not sure why I got sidetracked, but since I’m a little handicapped with tablescaping right now due to the art … Continue reading

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Spring Table plus Saving $$

The last few weeks have been really busy for me. With activities at church, our “redneck picking” expedition, tracing down artwork appraisals, keeping up with the booth at the flea market, and countless other things going on in my life, … Continue reading

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Redneck Pickers

I have only in the last couple of years began watching the History Channel a lot. It has a lot of programs that I really like, such as Pawn Stars, Cajun Pawn Stars, American Restoration, and, my favorite, Swamp People! New season starts … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Table and Shrove Tuesday Pancakes

Those of you who know me are probably surprised that I did not do a Valentine’s tablescape this year with pink. I’m a little surprised myself. If you missed the kitchen Valentine’s table, it is here. I finally finished the … Continue reading

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A Valentine Conversation

I really like doing tablescapes for Valentine’s Day.  I like pink dishes a lot, which you already know if you read my blog. I also like using red and white together. But most of all, I just LOVE Conversation Hearts. … Continue reading

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