Holiday Salt and Rant

Unlike most of the decorating and tablescape blogs that I read, I have a {somewhat} strict policy on decorating for Christmas too early. I have a couple of reasons for this policy. The first one is that it just takes away from Thanksgiving and the fall season, which leads me to Part I of my Rant. It really saddens me that Christmas is marketed so early and has become more of a commercial season than religious one in a lot of ways. I saw the first Christmas items in Dollar General on Sept. 28 this year, more than a month before Halloween! Does anyone else agree with me that this is a sad comment on materialism?

As soon as the Halloween merchandise disappeared from stores, the Christmas merchandise came out in full force. There was fall and Thanksgiving merchandise around, but it was relegated to very small spaces in most of the stores.

Rant, Part IA: I love chocolate-covered cherries, and I eat them once a year when my husband buys me a box for Christmas. But sweetheart, I don’t really want a box of chocolate-covered cherries that has been on the shelves since October 31! Kinda spoils my once a year enjoyment of them, if you know what I mean.

The other reason that I delay Christmas decorating is personal. My birthday is December 2, and I don’t like to decorate until after my birthday. I think it takes away from my birthday, and I don’t want it overshadowed by Christmas. I really credit my parents for that. They always made my birthday special and never made me feel like Christmas was more important. Years later, my mother told me a story about my late uncle. He said that on his birthday (Dec. 23), his parents always said “Go pick out one of the gifts under the Christmas tree to open today.” That was the extent of celebration that he got for his birthday his whole life. I guess my parents always remembered that, and they made an effort to make my birthday important. My gifts were wrapped in birthday paper, not Christmas paper, and I received the same number of gifts that I would have received if my birthday had been in July.

However, this year I have to eat all of my words about early commercialism of Christmas. When my friend and I got our booth in the antique mall, we immediately had to decorate for our town’s Holiday Open House, which brings me to Rant, Part II. Twenty years ago, my town held its Open House on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I loved getting out and looking in the stores, enjoying the Christmas decorations, shopping, and getting in the spirit of the holiday. A few years later, the Open House got moved back to the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and that wasn’t too bad. I didn’t like it much, but I could deal with it. Then a few years ago, for some unknown reason (commercialism, no doubt), the Open House was moved to the first Sunday in November.  Esteemed business people, mayor, and town council, what are you thinking? The town Christmas decorations were up before Halloween!  I am extremely saddened that my little town has bought into this commercialism. I am even more saddened (Rant, Part IIA) that I have become a part of it. Because of my association in the flea market, the booth was fully decorated for the holidays before Halloween. I hang my head in shame and confess to you that I am a part of blatant displays of commercialism.

Because of all of the above reasons, you will not see a Christmas tablescape, mantel, or vignette from me until next week. However, I did make yet another concession to the early decorating. Today I retrieved my Christmas salt & pepper shakers from their tub, and displayed them on the sofa table.

This is not the last place that I will put them for the holidays. I will be moving them around and trying out different displays as I get out the rest of the Christmas decorations.

But for now I like them all together in one spot. I like the satement that they make when they are grouped together. It is very striking to seem them in one large display.

But I probably will not leave them all in one spot. I am sort of thinking about grouping like ones together, like all the snowmen in one spot, for example. But I’ll be posting as I decide and move them around. Until then, enjoy the impact of all of them together!

And, as always, thanks for paying attention to my rants and letting me blow off steam.

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18 Responses to Holiday Salt and Rant

  1. I really do not like to decorate until after Thanksgiving. I don’t wait until Dec but I can understand your reasons. It takes me longer since I’m older now so I go ahead and start! I’m trying to enjoy a simple Christmas this year.

  2. Debbie@Mountain Breaths says:

    We host Thanksgiving every year, and I do not want one Christmas decoration out! And I won’t decorate for Thanksgiving until Halloween is over.

  3. Kathleen says:

    I don’t decorate for Cmas till after Tgiving, and it takes me forever to get done!
    I was in HG and Target and the Cmas shelves were pretty wiped out! I guess you have to buy early.
    You know they are starting to make the Easter candy soon? I am not kidding! Dh likes those cherries, they put me in a sugar coma, LOL
    Thanks for linking to Let’s Dish!

  4. I decorate for Christmas Thanksgivings weekend, I have off and hence have the time. I was sick of the black friday ads with stores opening on Thanksgivings day. Sick Sick Sick.. So glad to see the S&P’s.. they are so darling.. xo marlis

    • Bev says:

      Thanks for the compliment; I really enjoy them as well. As for being sick of Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving, refer to Marshall Ramsey’s editorial cartoon at top of page!!

  5. Patty says:

    I too have a Dec. 2nd birthday but a totally different take on it. Each year, the day after Thanksgiving I don’t go shopping but I transfer my home into a Christmas wonderland. I start planning month in advance for the changes I’ll make each year. I love the season, what it represents and all the decorating. The beautiful trees, nativity’s, Santa’s and other displays are up for such a brief period of time I look forwarding to getting my home ready for MY birthday party. It’s always the first party of the season. Everyone looks forward to coming to my house to celebrate and I get to share my home and my love of Christmas and what the season has to offer with not only my family but all my friends. I always thanked my Mom for having me so early in the month. I couldn’t have picked a better day, well maybe Dec. 1st but that was my Dad’s birthday.

    • Bev says:

      Thanks for sharing the great memories! I also love having a December birthday and credit my parents for making it special and not letting Christmas overshadow it.

  6. Tess says:

    I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with you! When I was a child (MANY years ago) there was no hint of Christmas until after Thanksgiving. My mother used to get out the manager the weekend after T-day. That was the start of the holiday season. Then a week or so later, the rest of the decorations came out. I am disgusted by the rush of season into season! I have a friend whose birthday is Dec 24 and his parents did the same to him with a Christmas present for his BD…so I have always made sure his BD is separate from Christmas. Enjoy your BD and Christmas in its proper season!!!!

  7. I am right there with you Bev! I love Fall and I really enjoy each season so, I try to get the most our of each holiday. I am just finishing taking down all my Fall decor. tomorrow I will start small and do a little Christmas decor here or there. My best friend’s birthday is Dec. 6. i never give her Christmas things because it takes away from her day of birth. Thank you for sharing at TTF this week and I hope you and yours have a fun weekend! Take care. Hugs, Diann 🙂

  8. LaVoice says:

    They had started putting out Christmas things here before Halloween. It has gotten so commercialized and the reason the for the season not the same.

  9. Sherry says:

    I am seeing a trend in Christmas comments like these. I think it is true it would be nice to keep the specialness in Christmas. Some of the things happening commercially do seem to be ruining it. Thank you for joining HSH!

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