Destination: 1979

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I feel a little silly starting a post with “back in my day,” when I feel like a very young “fiftyish” woman. Forgive me ahead of time for saying that, but it does fit in this post!

Back in my day, young ladies who were engaged still picked out china, silver, and crystal. We didn’t pick out pottery, Christmas dishes, and the types of things that a lot of girls pick out today. It was proper to have two sets of everything, and I wanted to do it all! {Although this was before my “dishaholic” disease had kicked into full gear, apparently the symptoms started in the seventies!} It was proper to have two sets of china: casual, which we called our “everyday dishes”, and formal, which we called our “good dishes.” It was also proper to pick out casual stemware, “everyday glasses,” and formal stemware, “good crystal.” When I married, the trend of picking out silverware was just beginning to wane a bit. Some of my peers picked out silver and some did not. I did.

As I began thinking over possibilities for Kathleen’s destination-themed tablescapes, I started thinking about my wedding china. How could I use that for a destination? Then I realized it was obvious; my destination would be 1979! It was an eventful year. Americans were taken hostage in Iran, and Sally Field joyfully said, “You like me!” while clutching her Oscar for Norma Rae. Disco had peaked, but Three’s Company was still on top. Most important, I married the love of my life.

As I began making my wedding preparations, I gleefully thought over the many china patterns I had been looking over (like I said, the symptoms were kicking in). For my everyday dishes, I chose a pattern in Temperware by Lenox called Fancy Free. Temperware was a heavy-duty almost stoneware type of dish that was freezer, oven, microwave safe (microwaves had not been around very long). It came in a variety of patterns and was virtually indestructible.

A while back I watched Jaws for the umpteenth time (favorite seventies movies will have to wait for another post), and Chief Brody was drinking out of a Lenox Temperware coffee cup! I paused the movie; it was not my pattern.

Calling these my “everyday dishes” was very true; I have used them every single day for 33 years and have not gotten tired of them. I received an eight-place setting and a few other pieces when I married; I have added to them from eBay over the years.  I am not showing my “everyday glasses” here because I no longer have them. I sold them several years ago and really do not miss them. They were a dark green color that really did not go with anything, and I had never been truly happy with them. So I used my blue Dollar Tree goblets; I thought they blended well with the blue trim on the plate. The placemats and napkins are recent purchases for tablescaping, but the napkin rings are wedding gifts from 1979!

My everyday flatware is Chateau by Oneida, and I still use it every single day. I promised to show you my candleholder made by my son when I moved it, and here it is! I really like it as the centerpiece on the kitchen table in a casual tablescape. 


Now to my good china. It is called Reverie by Noritake. I fell in love with it, and I still love it. I don’t use it a whole lot, but I do use it. I received an eight-place setting of it as well when I married with a few of the extra pieces. I have added to the set from eBay over the years.  Here is a close-up of the dinner plate. I just love the delicate colors in it!

 Then I added the salad and bread and butter plates.  I love the look and will never get tired of it!

Now I come to the “good crystal.” My mother suggested that I choose her pattern, Romance by Fostoria, for my good crystal. She said that I had always loved it and that I could have hers someday to add to whatever I got. I readily agreed. I did not expect to get much, but in the end I did not get any of it. That really did not matter to me since I knew that I would someday have hers. As you can tell from the table, someday is here! Mama and Daddy downsized a few years ago, and she told me to take it. She did not have to twist my arm! I have three different sizes of it, the water goblet, iced tea, and low sherbet.


If you look on eBay or Replacements, you will see that it was made in lots of different sizes as well as plates, candlesticks, and so forth. I decided to use all three sizes in today’s place setting since my plan was to showcase my wedding dishes.


Next is the silver. I did choose some silver, but did not receive any of it. A few years ago, my daddy inherited some things from relatives in Texas, and Mama gave me Aunt Nannie’s silver chest. It was full of lots of silver plate in the Grosvenor pattern, and I just love it.

The chest also contained a number of odd pieces of silver. I took a few of them to my father-in-law, and he made me these napkin rings. You will see various ones often in my tablescapes. I just love them!

Once again, back in my day, it was common for brides to get silver and crystal for wedding gifts. I received several silver trays and a few other silver pieces. This compote is one of those wedding gifts.

I had the idea to use one of the silver trays for the centerpiece base. I decided on this one because it is footed and raises the candleholder a little bit. I don’t know if you can see the engraving, but it says:

David and Beverly

August 11, 1979

The crystal candlesticks were also wedding gifts. The hurricane and pink napkins were recent purchases for my new tablescaping hobby. I sprinkled some decorative stones around the candleholders, tray, and compote for added sparkle.


Thanks for letting me go down memory lane once again as I enjoyed going through and displaying my wedding gifts from “back in the day.”

Did you pick out wedding dishes? Leave me a comment and tell me if you still have/use them! If you do, I would love to know the company and pattern name. I am a dishaholic, after all!

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About Bev

I am a retired teacher who has only recently taken up tablescaping and blogging. For more information, see my About Bev link.
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60 Responses to Destination: 1979

  1. Ceekay says:

    I was married in 1973…and I did the whole registry thing….and I still have my china. I always tell my husband that weddings now make ours look like it was done through Kmart! But we thought it was beautiful…and hey, we are still married!

  2. bevdave says:

    What is your china pattern and do you still use it? Yeah, I know what you mean. I thought my wedding was rather nice, but looks redneck compared to today’s standards. Of course, the wide bow ties and ruffled shirts may have something to do with that also!

  3. Oh such beautiful choices. I didn’t pick out dishes, I did get some crystal, but mostly just kitchen items. I was married in the 50’s and didn’t have a very formal wedding, so everyday items were mostly our gifts. How wonderful to have all of our things and you really did make great choices. They are beautiful today too. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. Katherine says:

    I enjoyed your trip down memory lane! I married in the 60s and did select casual and formal dishes, glassware, and silver! I passed it on to my daughters and have new stuff these days!

    I’m not sure if the TK Cottage china is still available or not, I found it at Marshall’s a few years ago. Google it, maybe you can find it on Ebay, Replacements, etc.


  5. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for the trip back to 1979! You good dishes and crystal are timeless and beautiful. I still have my wedding Noritake from the 70’s but did replace the everyday Mikassa set.
    Thanks for linking to Let’s Dish!

  6. bevdave says:

    You’re welcome. Do you know the names of either of your patterns?

  7. Sarah says:

    We married in 1975 and selected Richard Ginori, Palermo Brown as our fine china and our crystal was by Denby in a rich amber / brown with clear stems. Colored crystal was the fashion at the time, but I sometimes regret not selecting cut crystal. Our everyday dishes were Spinnaker by Noritake. They were a deep indigo blue with a stylized sail boats breezing across the plate. We still use and enjoy our Ginori china, but gave away the set of Noritake some years ago replacing it with Wedgewood’s Nantucket Basket. We felt white dishes were more attractive for food than dark blue. 😉
    ~ Sarah

  8. bevdave says:

    I looked all of these up, and they are lovely. The dark blue with the sail boats is gorgeous, although it seems more appropriate for accents than every day. I know what you mean about the colored crystal; that is one reason I got rid of my dark green a few years back.

  9. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. I don’t recall registering or getting anything fancy. We were poor students and needed practical things.

    • bevdave says:

      So were we, but we registered! Maybe we should have asked for gift certificates for tuition instead! Most brides today seem to be more practical than my peers and I were.

  10. Kitty says:

    That was a fun trip down memory lane! Yes, I married in 1970 and we always chose our good and our everyday dishes. It’s just not the same any more!!

  11. Barbara F. says:

    So funny, but in my post I have one item made in 1979. Your anniversary is several days before my birthday (but I definitely was born way before 1979!) I also remember Farberware was a big thing in the 70’s, pots and coffee makers. Visiting from Let’s Dish. xo

    • bevdave says:

      I looked up the Farberware, but it did not look familiar to me. It must not been popular around here. I wish I had gotten it, however! It’s looks like it is good quality and quite durable.

  12. OOh I just love that you took us back to 1979! My oldest was 3 that year. I, too, registered my china, no silver since I already had a set of sterling, It’s custom in Germany to get a piece or two each year from birth. I didn’t pick it out, but do love it nonetheless. I still use my good dishes! OOh thank you so much for this trip. Your dishes are quite lovely and I love that you are still using all the pretty things you received as gifts. xo marlis

  13. bevdave says:

    Thank you. I always love looking at the wedding gifts again, and this post was a great excuse to do that!

  14. Loved this post! I didn’t have lots of china and other items when I got married but this brings back so many memories! Great destination!

  15. ahhh the memories…I love your theme! Great story too! Thanks for linking up to Centerpiece Wednesday and sharing with us.


  16. I was a kid in the ’70s and looking at your photos made me remember all my friends houses! I didn’t think the ’70s would ever end! My kids (aged 9-12) can’t believe the Bee Gees were real! In hindsight, it was such a fun time!

  17. Love your post, nice going back!!! I was married in the 60’s, and registered for everything!!! My fine china is Chanson by Lenox and I still love it and use it, I have never tired of it. The crystal was also Lenox, still have a few pieces. Everyday dishes were purchased through The Jewel Tea Co. and was a blue and green modern print…..long gone except for the cups and saucers…..that’s when “mugs” became popular!!! Never had any silver, but have two sets of stainless, one for everyday and one for good. And since then have accumulated more dishes……there must be a support group for people like me!!!! Cleo

  18. bevdave says:

    I need one of those support groups too! I looked up the Lenox and it is beautiful. I can see why you have never tired of it.

  19. melanie says:

    Loved that post! Yes I remember well what it was like to get married in that era! My everyday flatware was Dover, by Oneida, my stoneware was Coral Blossoms, by Lenox. I still use and love both of these! This post brought back memories!!

  20. bevdave says:

    Another Temperware pattern! It is very pretty. I am actually very familiar with Dover. I struggled between Dover and Chateau when I was choosing flatware and chose the Chateau. If you look at the two, they are very similar.

  21. Gillian says:

    I got married two weeks before you did on July 28th 1979 so this was a lovely nostalgic post for me. My good china was also Noritake but the pattern is Princeton. I added to it out over the years with ebay purchases. When we moved to England six years ago I left it with my son and daughter-in-law but I hope to reclaim it some day. We were given some silver pieces but I got tired of polishing them and got rid of them. Now I wish I hadn’t. My 11 year old sister gave me a hand whisk and my youngest daughter used it today to make friands. The other item that still gets used is an oval Pyrex dish with lid. Thanks again for this post!

    • bevdave says:

      That is a really pretty pattern. I am a sucker for Noritake china! I still use my Pyrex from the wedding gifts as well (the ones I haven’t broken, that is!).

  22. Liz says:

    1979…a very good year. I graduated high school and it was fun to read your back in the day post about all your china and flatware. Love that you still have almost everything and use it. Sweet!

  23. bevdave says:

    Thanks! I finally realized that “saving” it for someday was not the thing to do. I don’t use it much, but I do use it.

  24. Babs says:

    Whoo hoo! That photo of the Bee Gee’s certainly caught my attention. Thanks for sharing your wedding china and crystal in your lovely tablescape. My wedding china was Solitaire by Lenox, but sadly, I don’t have it any more.
    Thanks again and have a great weekend,

  25. bevdave says:

    Wow! I looked that one up and so far it’s the only one I’ve seen in this post that is still in production. Most others are long since discontinued. I did a little searching and found this article. It is really interesting.–_Lenox_Solitaire

  26. Well, I’m a fifty something or other too and I did pick out fine china and everyday as well. And we used it for all the special occasions, the china, the crystal and the silver. Kids today don’t want to be bothered with all that pomp and circumstance, but I still think it makes things special.

  27. Ann k says:

    Love your post! I got married in 83, I was still hitting the discos in 79! We were not from families of great wealth so we picked out a simpler, less expensive dishes when we registered-Kilkee by Noritake. We only received 5 place settings and never bought any more to finish out the set, never used them. Kids came, expenses where tight, other priorities- now I am not sure what I want to do with them, so they just sit in my cupboard.

    • bevdave says:

      I looked that one up, and it is really pretty. The colors are so eighties! If you don’t think on of your kids would want them someday, you should put them on ebay and try to make a little money off them.

  28. CJ Foss says:

    Bev, Loved the trip down memory lane. Next time I watch Jaws – and I will – I will look for the coffee mug. Very funny, that you paused to see if it was your pattern. Since I got married in 1979, I too picked out china, silver and crystal, and was delighted to receive some pieces that I’ve added to over the years. Plus, now seriously afflicted with dishaholic syndrome, I inherit or purchase discard sets of unloved china whenever I can. That is how I ended up with the daisy dishes. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is grand fun to communicate with other out there in blogland. I especially like your Fostoria glasses, and appreciation of them as inherited pieces. Keep the love of dishes going. I’m hoping a granddaughter or other will enjoy them….. Thanks for sharing. Happy Summer! ~CJ

    • bevdave says:

      He has the cup, not the mug. He is in the kitchen getting ready to go to the office early in the movie; I can’t remember exactly when. It has the soft blue trim around it like mine, but when I looked closely, there was a little peach color in it. Thanks for your kind words! Sounds like we are two peas in a pod.

  29. Donna says:

    Yes, those were the days, weren’t they? I picked out “Sculptered Grape” by Poppytrail (I think)
    Don’t have many pieces left, so I don’t use it. My husband had bought good china in Viet Nam, which was a lovely pattern. (Don’t know the name)

  30. bevdave says:

    Yes, it is Metlox Poppy Trail and someone on one of the blogs in the past few days had the Metlox Poppy Trail in the Daisy pattern. Those are really nice! You should pick up some pieces on ebay and use them istead of store them where they can’t be seen!

  31. I was a 1979 bride, too. LOTS of memories in your tablescape. I still use my “everday” dishes as well — almost every day!

    I hope you’ll stop by this weekend and check out my Vintage Linen & Dish Auction for charity. It begins tonight at midnight. 🙂

  32. Molly says:

    Thank you for the nostalgic trip back to 1979, Bev! That was my graduating year and ’83 was my wedding year! Our families felt it was too ‘pretentious’ in our income bracket to register for expensive china (?) so we chose Mikasa ‘Japonica’ for our everyday (what wonderful quality it was until the daily dishwasher-ing damaged the glaze a few years ago) and Oneida Act 1 for our flatware. (I had to hide that when the kids started losing pieces!) For a wedding gift my mom surprised us with an entire service for 12 of ‘Chateau’ which we use for our ‘good’ flatware, funny enough. For our ‘good china’ we lucked into a deal of a set for 12 of inexpensive Sango ‘Cannes’ china which you now see in all the thrift stores. For a few years that was what we used for holidays until we were a bit more established and hubbie began to indulge my dishaholic tendancies. Sadly, I have passed along dishaholism to my newlywed daughter who has a beautiful set of Noritake received from my MIL as well as her own delightful registry dishes. It is just a delight to get to visit blogs like yours to see more beautiful dishes and tables set with them. Thank you!

  33. I loved the trip down memory lane. I, too, picked out a full list of tableware, and I’ve always been so glad. I keep hoping that young women will return to choosing china and silver. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  34. HPS! Lovely pinks 🙂
    Greetings from Australia♥

  35. How beautiful!! Happy Pink Saturday and have a nice weekend.

    My PINK

  36. marti says:

    1979 – a good year. The year I graudated from high school! Thanks so much for taking me back. Your tablescapes are lovely. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  37. RobinfromCA says:

    What an enjoyable blast to the past. I wasn’t quite a 1979 bride but close – I got married in January of 1980! I also registered for everyday dishes and a china pattern. My everyday dishes were an ironstone that weighed a ton! They were tan with a brown rim (I can’t even remember the name of them) and each plate was so heavy that I never used them and gave them away. Instead, I relied on my good old Corelle Gold Butterfly dishes for years. I had service for eight and all the accessories! But…my china I still have and love. When I was registering my mother advised me to get something classic that wasn’t likely to go out of style. As in the article you referenced, I chose Lenox Solitaire. She was right! It has never gone out of style and I can mix and match all kinds of other dishes with it! My crystal is the same. I registered for Lismore by Waterford. Back then it only had one style. Again, it has remained a classic! My sterling silver was a different story. I registered for Candlelight by Towle and I didn’t get any of it. It is retired and only available as a “made to order” pattern. But, my mother has service for 12 in the George and Martha Washington pattern by Westmoreland that I borrow and will someday be mine. I did, however, get a ton of silver serving pieces. Three or four platters, a platter with a dip bowl, two chaffing dishes, a pie plate holder, candlesticks and a crystal and silver bowl. I still use them all!

    These days, for everyday I use Manoir by Villeroy and Boch that I mix and match with V&B’s French Garden Fleurence, French Garden Vienne, French Garden Valence and French Garden Orange. I did a cleaning out a few years ago and passed four different patterns on to a couple of my sisters-in-law. That way I could start collecting more without the storage nightmare! I have passed my love of dishes to my daughter who has two formal china patterns, two everyday patterns and, knowing she’s the only girl, is well aware that she will inherit all of my mother’s dishes as well as mine! I hope she has a big house someday!

  38. bevdave says:

    That is so funny about your daughter! I have an only child, and my daughter-in-law already has two sets of everyday (I don’t think she has a full set in one of them), and a set of formal china. My mother (my sister and I inherited the dish nut gene from her) gave them an additional set of formal as a wedding gift (a family inheritance), and I have complete sets of everyday, formal, and Christmas china plus all the bits and pieces I’ve gotten for tablescaping that they will get someday. I guess I can hope that they have a house full of kids and each one will get their own set of dishes!

  39. FABBY says:

    Your wedding dishes and lovely stems are timeless! Wish I had something like that when I married, you see I came after marrying in Las Vegas straight to Ecuador, so all I got was my parents presents, china, glasses and all the machines I needed in those days..back in 1975! Your table is gorgeous and like I said, timeless, classic and elegant. Thanks for sharing at Seasonal Sunday.

  40. Second try to reply!
    This post is so unique. I was married in 1970. Yes I registered for china, crystal, everyday pottery and stainless. I chose not to select silver as I knew I would be receiving my MIL. Instead I chose Michelangelo by Oneida. Now my Mother and MIL both have this pattern so I really will have all I need. My china is Tribly by Noritake; Crystal was Virginia glass with silver trim. The china name is special as it is my MIL middle name. I also chose Madeira Olive Green by Franciscan to use with my China.
    I received setting of 8 in all of my choices. Man was I a lucky and excited girl! A friend of mine had the same pattern in china and decided she was tired of it so now I have a setting for 12 and extra serving pieces.
    Like you eBay has help me add some pieces to my collection. Today I use Fiesta as my everday dishes. (When we are not useing paper—that’s bad right)
    Thank you for your post. It is great to know that other’s still have and use their wedding gifts.

    Cathy’s Cupboard Calamity <;)

  41. bevdave says:

    I love those dishes! Of course, I am a sucker for Noritake. Also I am familiar with the Michaelangelo and like it as well. As for the Franciscan, even though I have seen those glasses before, I never realized that they were made by Franciscan. I only knew of their china patterns. That is really nice to know!

  42. Dawna says:

    I love that you still have your china and still love it. I didn’t get married until my thirties in 1991, but I still registered for formal china (Hutschenruether Baronesse Gloriette) – which is impossible to find even on ebay, sterling (International Joan of Arc) and crystal (Lenox Monroe). I had started my addiction years before so already had plenty of everyday, plus other special pieces. I am lucky as my first set was the Liberty blue that is so collectible now. My mum got it at the grocery store for me to take to college. Thank you for such a lovely trip back in time. Dawna

  43. Great trip back in time! I can’t imagine not registering!!! Love, love, love the Fostoria!
    Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  44. Oh how precious is this post!!! It caught my eye because 1979 was the year I graduated high school and went of to college! Every summer for the past 33 years I take a moment to remember that special time in my life! Your table setting and the pieces remind me of many wonderful Thanksgivings and Chirstmas’s spent at two of my favorite Aunts homes, now sadly they are gone. Thank you for sharing and Happy Anniversary a wee bit in advance!!!

  45. I married in 1971, so everything you said about selecting china, silver, crystal applied in our area too. I am still using one set( all white) of “everyday” dishes often and the other occasionally. The ones I have that I use occasionally are orange, yellow and green( Zinnia/Poppy Trail) so that tells you why. Those colors are not as in as they were in the seventies.

    I have my mother’s Fostoria etched crystal ( Meadow Rose) and I love it. Yours is lovely too.

    I like your back in time destination. It was enjoyable. I think we have a lot in common.

  46. A beautiful tablescape! And a fun post. i enjoyed visiting the past with you today! Thank you for sharing at TTF last week. I hope you are having a fantastic day!

  47. ABQPaula says:

    Oh good heavens! Yes, Fancy Free was my “everyday” pattern too (in1981). But it was pricey for stoneware, so I didn’t get complete settings. 😔. Before the age of the Internet & easy things like EBay, I gave up trying to piece together a whole set… And I sold what little I had to a consignment shop, after my divorce (I needed the $$). But I always kept one grand mug!! 😄
    Now… I’m re-acquiring my Fancy Free dishes… Through EBay. I missed them!!
    My flatware was Oneida Polonaise ( )
    which I still use everyday.
    My china was Noratake… (Sigh! I can’t remember the name! But I still have the salt & pepper)… It was white, with silver rim (I believe) & light & nature-flowery, pastel patterns. I’ve since had to sell it all (but kept the salt/peppers😊). My crystal… I don’t remember.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. So cool!

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